29 March 2024

4 Case Study Slide Examples for Sales Enablement

Sales teams love to share case studies with leads, but they often need to take the form of just one slide in a deck. So how can you capture a whole success story in just one slide? In this post, we’ll look at 4 case study slide examples that help the sales team close deals.

What is a case study slide?

A case study slide is a snapshot of how one of your customers was successful using your product or service. It’s most commonly used in sales presentations, but can also be used in proposals and social media.

Using a case study slide in a sales presentation adds depth, credibility and persuasiveness to your pitch, helping you to effectively communicate the value proposition of your offering and, ultimately, close more deals.

What information needs to be on case study slide examples?

It’s important to think about what information needs to be on case study slide examples so that the lead quickly understands the story. 

Here are 5 must-haves for your case study slide examples

✔️ Customer logo
✔️ Your logo
✔️ Customer quote/testimonial
✔️ Meaningful metrics
✔️ Slide notes with details on customer, challenge, solution and results 

And here are 4 nice-to-haves for your case study slide examples

👍 Headshot of customer
👍 Branded image from customer that helps illustrate the story
👍 One-sentence overview of challenge, solution and results
👍 Link to full story

4 case study slide examples

Case study slide example #1

Case study slide example #1

This case study slide example:

  • is visually impactful
  • easy to digest at a glance
  • puts the onus on the salesperson to tell the story

Case study slide example #2

Slide example #2 for case studies

This case study slide example:

  • requires less effort from the salesperson because the framework of the story is included
  • is less visually impactful because there’s more information to digest
  • works well as a leave-behind

Case study slide example #3

Case study slide example #3

This case study slide example:

  • captures all the key elements
  • could be a lot to digest

Case study slide example #4

Slide example #4 for case studies

This case study slide example:

  • provides a snapshot of the full story
  • works well if you don’t have strong metrics

Why are case study slide examples an important part of sales enablement?

Case study slide examples are an important part of sales enablement for 6 reasons:

1. Social proof

Case study slide examples provide real-life examples of how your product or service has helped previous or current customers. This social proof can build trust and credibility with your prospects and leads as they can see tangible evidence of your ability to deliver results.

2. Demonstration of value

By showcasing successful outcomes achieved by your product or service, case study slide examples demonstrate the value you offer to potential customers. This helps to justify the investment and convinces prospects and leads that they’ll get a return on their investment.

3. Problem-solution narrative

Case study slide examples typically follow a narrative structure that outlines the problem faced by the customer, the solution provided by your product or service, and the positive results achieved. This storytelling approach engages the audience and helps them to understand how your offering can address their own challenges.

4. Customization and relevance

When selecting case study slide examples to include in a sales presentation, you should choose examples that are most relevant to the specific needs and pain points of the person and company you’re speaking with. This customization ensures your message resonates better and increases the likelihood of this company making a purchase.

5. Differentiation

Case study slides allow you to highlight unique features or benefits of your product or service that set you apart from competitors. In this way, you can demonstrate what makes your offering the best choice in the marketplace.

6. Overcoming objections

Case study slides can address common objections or concerns that prospects or leads might have about your product or service. By showing how you have successfully addressed similar challenges in the past, you can alleviate doubts and objections, making it easier for prospects or leads to move forward in the sales process.

To wrap up, case study slides are really helpful for sales enablement initiatives. These visual representations of real-world success stories serve as powerful tools to build trust, demonstrate value and overcome objections in the sales process.

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