21 December 2021

5 Tips for Coming Up With B2B Blog Post Ideas That Drive Engagement

Blogging is big business. It’s a key part of content marketing, an industry predicted to grow by $417 billion in the next 5 years alone. 

It’s also a commitment. Those who publish blog posts every day report 57% more success than less frequent posters. And in 2020, most bloggers spent more than 6 hours per post

But you don’t want to waste time writing blogs that don’t get read. To help you focus your efforts, we’re giving you 5 tips on how to come up with B2B blog post ideas that drive engagement and grow your business.

How to get B2B blog post ideas—pronto

1. Balance your business goals with your audience’s needs

While blogging gives you complete control over your messaging, don’t forget you have to provide value to your readers. That’s what the best B2B blog post ideas will help you do. 

When thinking about how to come up with great ideas for blog posts, it’s important to brainstorm topics that can link your products or services to issues facing your industry. Consider your audience’s pain points and address them with your content.

2. Listen to your audience 

Another option for getting B2B blog post ideas is to listen to your audience. They’re constantly revealing what they’re interested in—and what questions they have—if you look in the right places. Scan forums and Quora, or even go directly to the source: ask them on social media platforms.

3. Check out the competition

What do other B2B marketers in your industry blog about? When figuring out how to get ideas for your blog, visit the blogs of your competition, as well as any blogs related to your field. Here’s your chance to address any gaps in coverage.

And don’t just limit your search to your competition. Check out your social media channels, too. Popular tweets, Facebook pages, and even Reddit threads can spark great B2B blog post ideas. You can also attend industry webinars—oftentimes, new trends are discussed there before they even hit the blogs.

4. Use content tools

Lots of online tools can help you find the best B2B blog post ideas. For example, you can use BuzzSumo to generate topics based on keywords and learn what’s trending. Meanwhile, SEMRush can help identify which keywords should drive the most search traffic.

5. Build on existing blogs

Ideas for blog post topics don’t all have to be original. A great tip on how to get blog post ideas is to approach a topic that’s already been written about and try to do it better. Conduct more detailed research, provide more valuable and actionable information, and link to authoritative sources. Then ask other blogs to link to your post instead of the older material.

Breathe new life into existing blog post topics by choosing different blog post formats. Use a topic you covered in a listicle post for a Q&A interview with an expert, or do a deep dive on just one of the main points from the listicle post. Adding original research helps your content stand out.

​​Need more inspiration for blog posts?

For even more tips on how to get B2B blog post ideas, download our topic generator worksheet. Created with SaaS marketers in mind, it’s a step-by-step guide to generating fresh content ideas.

In the worksheet, you’ll find 9 questions to ask yourself when brainstorming blog topics, as well as sample answers from SaaS marketers and more. Download the worksheet.

No time for blogging? Don’t worry.

We offer professional B2B SaaS blog writing services to help your business expand brand awareness, build thought leadership, boost conversions and increase revenue. 

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