11 June 2019

A Call to Action That Works: Get Results from Your SaaS Case Study

If you’ve written a solid case study and the reader has read through to the end, you can bet they’re interested in learning more. Tell the reader what to do next by including an obvious call to action.

Different approaches will work in different scenarios, but some general tips apply in virtually all cases.

First, use specific language that speaks directly to your prospective customers. A “Contact us!” button may not be enough, but “Let’s talk about how our marketing service can help you attract new customers” might.

Next, after you’ve chosen your words carefully, make them pop off the page with smart design. Use colour and large text and make it crystal clear what the reader should do next.

Here’s a simple and effective approach:


If your main goal is to convince readers to start a free trial, that type of call to action at the end of your case study might do the trick.

You may want to have more than one call to action

Depending on what you are pitching, you might take a broader approach. Do you offer a free consultation? A free trial? Free ebooks or resources? Do you have a customer service rep a prospective customer can immediately talk to?

Any of these specific offers will likely entice a prospect to get in touch. Giving options will increase your chances of appealing to your target audience, no matter where they are in the buying process.

This example has 3 distinct choices for customers when they reach the end of the case study:


Here’s another way of including multiple calls to action:


Remember that not all potential customers have the same approach. Some might want to speak to a live customer service rep before committing to a service; others are happy to try a service for themselves.  

Don’t limit yourself to a call to action at the end of a case study. You can put one at the top, too. This company put a call to action directly below the headline and subhead, and I think it works:


It’s important that the call to action is obvious and clear. In general, it should be the only thing at the bottom of the case study, a natural end to the story you’re telling. Don’t overwhelm or distract your readers. You want a new customer. Focus on getting one.

Have you come across a call to action that really grabbed your attention? Let me know in the comments below!

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Emily Amos
Emily Amos

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