2 March 2021

Content Idea Generator: Must-Have Tool for B2B SaaS Marketers

SaaS marketers face ever-increasing pressure to produce high quality content that educates and engages their prospects and customers. Although worldwide content consumption is on the rise, sometimes content creators’ inspiration for new stories to tell simply runs dry. Enter the content idea generator tool. 

In this post, we’ll cover 3 ways a content idea generator tool can help take the pain out of brainstorming new content topics and bolster your B2B SaaS marketing efforts.

3 ways a content idea generator tool can help

Producing great content is a mission-critical task for every B2B SaaS company to drive leads and sales. Leveraging tools that can help you come up with new topic ideas is a wise move for SaaS marketers because it can help make the ideation process a breeze.

Content idea generator tools are designed to help take the heavy lifting out of finding topic ideas for blog posts, ebooks and white papers. These tools enable you to quickly and easily come up with topic ideas that your prospects and customers will find valuable and relevant—setting you apart from other SaaS companies in your market. 

Here are 3 ways a content idea generator can help you:

1. Identify your content goals

Before you decide on a content topic, you need to understand the purpose that piece of content will serve, and the impact you want it to have on your audience. For example, you may want your audience to register for a webinar, or book a product demo after reading your content. A content idea generator is designed to help you get clear on your goals, which should always align with your high-level business objectives.

2. Ensure your content speaks to your audience’s pain points

A content idea generator can also help you think deeply about your target market’s challenges so you can produce content that directly addresses these pain points. By showing your audience that you understand their problems and priorities, your content will have a better chance of meeting your goals.

3. Leverage existing content for greater efficiency

Creating content shouldn’t mean recreating the wheel. A content idea generator is designed to encourage you to review the content you already have before you produce anything new. The tool will remind you to check your analytics to see which pieces of your existing content are performing the best.

Download our content idea generator worksheet

Coming up with creative content topic ideas can be a challenge, but with a little structured guidance, you can master the process. Uplift’s content idea generator worksheet was designed to walk you through brainstorming killer SaaS content ideas in a fun, relaxed way—as though we were all on a Zoom call together. (Cue your best virtual background!)

Download the content idea generator to uncover 9 questions you need to ask yourself so you can create original content that generates leads and sales. The worksheet also includes examples of how other SaaS marketers have answered those 9 questions, as well as tools to help you nail the research process for topic ideas.

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