4 February 2020

Content Marketing ROI for Brand Awareness—And How to Measure It

You know that excellent content drives brand awareness and revenue, but can you prove it? Learn how to measure content marketing ROI for brand awareness by tracking 6 key metrics—and see what measurement framework we use with our customers. 

Content Marketing ROI for Brand Awareness—And How to Measure It (Transcript)

Hi SaaS marketers! Emily Amos here from Uplift Content.

You already know it’s easy to figure out the ROI of a long-form sales page. But if you’ve ever struggled to show the content marketing ROI for a piece of content written to increase brand awareness, you’re not alone. Let’s debunk the process.

For a sales page, you can calculate the costs to produce the copy and track how many sales you made as a result. Insert the ROI formula and Bob’s your uncle.

Measuring content marketing ROI for brand awareness is trickier, but it’s worth mastering. After all, brand awareness is probably a key objective of your content marketing strategy. You know as well as I do that excellent content that highlights your company’s expertise drives revenue. Now, you just need to prove it!

How to measure content marketing ROI for brand awareness

How do you figure out how a piece of content created to increase brand awareness actually contributed to your company’s bottom line? Here are 6 key metrics you can track to show content marketing ROI:

  • direct traffic to your website
  • earned media hits
  • external links to your website
  • blog shares
  • social media engagement
  • search volume

How to prove ROI for your brand

Your next step is to put the data to work. Use your favourite analytics tool to create goals, and track conversions and opportunities that resulted from your website’s direct traffic.

Next, set up and track goals for your referral traffic to determine the effectiveness of your earned media hits and external links.

Finally, use a social attribution platform to track how your social engagement drives conversions.

How we track content marketing ROI for brand awareness at Uplift Content

Our measurement framework has a section specific to brand awareness. Here’s what it looks like:

We’ve broken down our goal of increasing brand awareness into 3 KPIs: 

  • organic search
  • social media
  • referrals

For each KPI, we track a series of metrics. Here are a few examples:

For organic search, we measure the number of organic search sessions, lead gen from organic search, non-branded keyword clicks and click-through rate per page.

For social media, we measure the number of social sessions, lead gen from social and number of shares.

For referrals, we measure referral sessions, lead gen from referrals and the number of inbound links. 

Every three months, we analyze this data to see what changes we need to make to improve our content marketing ROI. 

Need help?

If you don’t have time to track these important metrics and analyze what’s working and what’s not, we can help. Check out our content optimization services.

Until next time, SaaS marketers!

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Emily Amos
Emily Amos

As the founder of Uplift Content, Emily leads teams in creating done-for-you case studies, ebooks and white papers for high-growth SaaS companies. Check out her bio.

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