13 February 2018

6 Content Marketing Statistics That Can Help SaaS Marketers Achieve Big Gains

SaaS marketers need to focus on developing long-term marketing strategies, while at the same time find ways to gain ground by quickly reaching more prospects in more meaningful ways. The following 6 content marketing statistics point to solutions that SaaS marketers can implement immediately to deliver big gains.

Creating audience- oriented content that educates

#1. 69% of B2B marketers focus on creating content for their audience versus their brand (Content Marketing Institute)

Although an increasing number of savvy SaaS marketers understand the important distinction here, achieving that focus often seems easier said than done. SaaS content marketing stats #2, 3, 4 and 5 all provide ways that SaaS marketers can create effective audience-targeted content rather than just brand-oriented content.

Quick win: Focus on your audience rather than your brand.

#2. 36% of the best performing SaaS companies have an educational blog (Cobloom)

SaaS marketers need to create content that always speaks to the real issues experienced by their buyers in order to quickly capture audience attention. Educational blogs that connect with readers will always take the next step and provide practical solutions to alleviate those pain points.

Your marketing and sales customer data analysis should reveal primary needs and challenges of the target market. From this information, you can develop educational content in the form of blog posts, white papers, case studies and eBooks that reflect those challenges. When executed correctly, customer challenge answers lead directly back to key features of the SaaS solution without directly referencing your product or company.

The key is to always educate rather than sell, so there’s never a need to mention your product, but a call to action (CTA) can provide readers with a means for further educational content. This additional content opportunity can provide more detailed answers that move them further down the sales funnel.

Quick win: Speak to your audience’s challenges.

#3. Educational blogs receive 14% more organic traffic than PR-focused blogs (Cobloom)

While PR-focused blogs have their place in SaaS marketing for building brand recognition, they rarely provide direct value to the reader or boost organic traffic like educational blogs. That being said, PR-focused blogs can also be educational in ways that speak to potential end-user pain points.

For example, a sound marketing strategy will use PR-focused blogs to point to higher order educational content such as white papers or eBooks. This only works when the PR blog is written in such a way as to speak to the main pain points covered in the connected content of the white paper, eBook or case study.

Quick win:  Use well-written, optimized blog posts to help your company and services get found online.

Creating engaging content through longer posts

#4. Top performing blog posts are 12% longer than average (Cobloom)

As search engines give greater preference to long-form content that they see as being more in-depth and of greater value to the reader, SaaS content marketers are steadily increasing the length of their posts. According to a recent SiteProNews article, long-form blogs have been shown to consistently get more social shares and attention than shorter blogs of around 600 words.

Of course, the posts must be high quality and provide real value to the reader and not just be more words. Consequently, SaaS marketers are using that longer form to flesh out pain points and solutions or address additional pain points that are important to potential customers.

Quick win: Aim for blog posts of at least 800 to 1000 words.

#5. 60% of B2B marketers say that producing engaging content is their biggest marketing challenge (Content Marketing Institute)

Developing engaging content takes time, and that can be even more challenging for SaaS companies in the B2B space. SaaS marketers can overlook that reality when rushing to execute on blog post creation.

However, time spent researching and writing great posts often directly correlates with how engaging and effective the blog can be in reaching the target and prompting the desired action. The Content Marketing Institute survey also shows that 92% of technology marketers attribute higher quality and more efficient content creation as their reasons for increased success in the last year.

Quick win: Focus on quality over quantity.

The CTA connection

#6. Educational blogs are 7x as likely to have a lead generating CTA than PR or news blogs (Content Marketing Institute)

As was mentioned in content marketing statistics #2 about educational blogs, the call to action (CTA) becomes the way to elicit action by the reader to move them further down the sales funnel from prospect to lead.

Quick win: Use a call to action in your blog posts.

Last word

As a SaaS marketer, you need to work on the dual fronts of delivering both long-term and near-term gains. The approaches to these content marketing statistics are meant to be enacted and effective today while also helping you transform the long-term marketing strategy for better ROI and, ultimately, increasing sales.

Nurture leads and accelerate sales

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Emily Amos
Emily Amos

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