23 March 2021

Create Original Content Consistently with These 5 Tips

Competition is high in the B2B SaaS industry, which makes it all the more essential to create original content consistently. If you want to win your prospects’ attention and stand out as a thought leader, regurgitating the same topics as everyone else simply won’t cut it. You need to share your unique perspective.

Nearly 4.5 million blog posts are published every single day. In an ever-growing sea of content, your SaaS blog posts, case studies, ebooks and white papers need to be both interesting and helpful to your audience (not only shiny and new) to be successful.

Why it’s so important to create original content consistently

Creating original content consistently can benefit your B2B SaaS company in multiple ways. Let’s dive into 3 specific examples:

1. Driving traffic to your website

Producing fresh, new content is an excellent way to drive traffic to your B2B SaaS company’s website through organic search. When you create original content that is properly optimized for search engines, with meta descriptions and relevant keywords throughout each piece, you’ll have a better chance of driving more traffic to your site and increasing leads.

2. Raising brand awareness

Top of the funnel content, such as blog posts and ebooks, can help grow your SaaS company’s profile among your target audience. Increasing brand awareness with high quality, educational content that takes a unique angle on a subject has the potential to directly impact your lead generation efforts as well. In fact, 72% of marketers report that when they create original content consistently, it helps them generate more leads.

3. Driving conversions and sales

It’s also crucial to create original content such as case studies and white papers for leads at the bottom of your funnel. These types of content assets dig deep into how your B2B SaaS company solves specific problems, and are particularly effective when it comes to positioning your products and services as the ideal choice for a prospect who is evaluating multiple vendors.

How to create original content: 5 tips

You now understand why it’s important to create original content for your SaaS audience. It’s time to walk through the process of actually producing this content. Here are 5 tips to help you get started:

1. Ask your audience what they want

As a SaaS marketer, it’s fairly safe to assume your prospects and customers want to consume content that helps them learn something or solve a problem. However, to create original content successfully, you need to dig deeper. Perhaps your company sells cybersecurity products. Browse online forums such as LinkedIn groups to find out what specific questions people are asking related to cybersecurity, or what challenges they’re experiencing, then create content that addresses those topics.

2. Look for gaps to fill

Review your competitors’ SaaS content to find out what they’re writing about and what they’re not covering. If you see an obvious gap, this is your opportunity to put your expertise to work and generate engagement with your audience around a new subject. If you can’t identify any gaps, think about how you could improve upon your competitors’ existing content. For example, your competitor may have published a post on 5 questions to ask your software vendor. Expand upon that and create an ebook with 10 questions and a guide to starting the conversation.

3. Share your company’s perspective

Part of knowing how to create original content includes putting your B2B SaaS company’s philosophy into words as it relates to relevant topics. Stay up to date on current events and look for opportunities to blog about them. Are you a female-led SaaS business inspired by the Bumble IPO? Share your thoughts on how women are shaping the industry. This type of content can help build strong connections with your audience.

4. Tell compelling stories

People want to read stories about other people—not about how great your company is. That’s why you need to create original content that makes your SaaS customers the heroes in your stories. Not only does this type of storytelling show you truly care about your customers’ success, but it also demonstrates that you have the means to get them killer results, which is sure to perk up your prospects’ ears.

5. Try different approaches

Measure the performance of your content and experiment with different formats such as lists, how-to guides and expert interviews to see what resonates most with your audience. Trends change frequently, so it’s good to be aware of them—but always stay true to your SaaS company’s brand rather than hopping on a bandwagon just for the sake of getting involved.

Stumped on content topics?

Download Uplift’s content idea generator to learn the 9 questions you should ask yourself in order to figure out topics you can use to consistently create original content that drives revenue for your SaaS company. The tool includes examples of how other SaaS marketers have answered the questions, as well as tips to help you conduct solid research.

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