11 June 2017

8 Tips for Creating High-Performance B2B Content [Infographic]

Writing high-performance B2B content is not easy, but it is worth every effort you put towards it.

Whether you are writing high-performance B2B content in-house or outsourcing to a skilled freelance writer, it is crucial to understand your goals, audience and audience needs. It is only by writing with your audience in mind that you will succeed in producing content that gets noticed, read and shared.

Infographic that provides 8 tips for creating high-performance B2B content

Sometimes just coming up with the idea is the hardest part. Keep a running log of the kinds of questions your customers ask. The answers to these questions often provide great topics for your next piece of high-performing content, whether it be a case study, eBook, white paper, blog post or web content.

What topic do you know your prospective customers want to read about?

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Emily Amos
Emily Amos

As the founder of Uplift Content, Emily leads teams in creating done-for-you case studies, ebooks and white papers for high-growth SaaS companies. Check out her bio.

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