22 March 2024

29 Best Customer Marketing Solutions to Drive Customer Growth and Retention (2024)

SaaS companies are finally starting to understand just how integral customer marketing and customer marketing solutions are to the overall success of the company.

They are realizing the importance of nurturing, growing and retaining existing customers and, as a result, are adding customer marketing roles and teams. In fact, “customer marketing manager” was the third fastest-growing job in the US in 2022.

But with small teams and lean budgets, marketers need to be smart with the customer marketing solutions they implement. From all-in-one customer marketing software to customer marketing consulting firms and content agencies, there are a lot of solutions to choose from. 

In this post, we’ll provide an overview of some of the top customer marketing solutions so that you can easily see what each vendor does, and whether it might be a fit for you.

What is customer marketing? 

Customer marketing is a marketing strategy focused on retaining and growing profitable relationships with existing customers. 

In large part, customer marketing is the art of driving customer loyalty in hopes that it’ll ultimately translate into new business. 

But customer marketing isn’t just a one-off, isolated activity. It encapsulates the entire post-purchase process of the customer journey.

Why is customer marketing important?

Customer marketing is important because it helps companies retain existing customers, drive revenue growth through upselling and cross-selling and build brand advocacy. 

When done correctly, customer marketing helps you: 

1. Create brand evangelists

77% of customers will recommend your business to a friend after a great experience. With customer marketing solutions, you can capture user-generated content like testimonials and reviews to help convert leads into customers. Offering a referral program is another great way to incentivize current customers to spread the good word about your product.

2. Reduce marketing costs

Acquiring new customers costs five times more than retaining an existing one, and retaining customers can boost profits by 25% to 95%. With customer marketing solutions like software platforms to help track reference calls and customer stories, you get a low-cost way to boost customer growth and retention.

3. Encourage customer retention and loyalty

Support and value your customers with exceptional service and personalized messaging so they can achieve success with your product. Happy customers are more likely to stick around for longer, and may also be open to upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Explore customer marketing solutions that retain existing customers.

4. Build a vibrant community around your product offerings

Customer marketing solutions can help you establish online customer communities and customer advisory boards where customers can connect, interact and exchange ideas. Having a community around your product helps to retain your customers. When a customer loses interest, the community acts as an anchor by reminding them why they love the product to begin with. 

What customer marketing solutions exist?

Customer marketing solutions can help you turn customer relationships into long-term growth for your SaaS company. But with so many solutions to choose from—everything from review and reference platforms to customer marketing software–it can be a bit overwhelming. 

To help you out, we’ve curated a list of top customer marketing solutions for you to consider:

Big shout out to UserEvidence and Captivate Collective for putting together the 2023/2024 Customer Marketing Technology Landscape, on which our list is based.

Customer reference platforms

A customer reference platform is software designed to manage an active pool of customers who are willing to speak as references for your company. 

The platform can collect many forms of social proof, such as testimonials, case studies, video interviews, soundbites, references for sales calls and user-generated content. 

Explore these customer reference platforms:


Upland homepage - Upland is an example of customer marketing solutions

Upland is a customer reference management software that helps B2B companies build their advocacy programs at scale through a sustainable reference funnel. Users can automatically track reference requests in one central location and use rewards to incentivize participation. 

Best for: Customer marketing, customer success and sales teams from B2B companies 

Services offered: 

  • Customer reference management
  • Reference sales enablement
  • Customer marketing campaign management 

Strengths: Customer reference management platform that unifies all reference requests and uses gamification to entice customer engagement. 

Quick facts: 

Pricing: Contact their team to learn more about their customer reference management solutions and to receive pricing. 

A good option if:

  • You’re still tracking reference requests on spreadsheets. 
  • You don’t have a way to track customer advocacy success to show its impact on revenue. 
  • You want references and testimonials that align with your buyer’s journey to help your sales team win more deals. 
  • You continually overuse the same customers for references and want to encourage new customers to participate. 
  • You want to amplify your customer voice across all marketing channels by creating more customer-driven content. 


Point of Reference

Point of Reference Homepage - Point of Reference is an example of customer marketing solutions

Point of Reference is a customer reference software platform that is installed in your Salesforce environment, providing real-time data, UI consistency and easily managed references. It lets you identify and automate reference requests, saving your sales team many hours in the process. 

Best for: B2B companies that use Salesforce

Services offered: 

  • Cloud-based customer reference management system 
  • Marketing and sales integration services 
  • Reference recruitment 
  • Reference content creation 
  • Customer reference program consulting 
  • Outsourced customer marketing 

Strengths: Integrates directly with Salesforce so sales teams can easily request references at the right time. 

Quick facts: 

Pricing: Request a live demo with their team to learn more about pricing. 

A good option if:

  • You’re still managing customer references manually and have customer content scattered in different locations. 
  • You’re facing customer reference burnout because you’re going back to the same customers all the time. 
  • You can’t quantify the return on investment for your customer advocacy activities.
  • Your sales team needs a searchable reference system to easily find the reference they’re looking for.  
  • You want to easily categorize and tag all customer references based on use cases, product and persona so sales reps can find the best-fit reference. 



Orca Homepage - Orca is an example of customer marketing solutions

Orca is customer reference management software built on the Salesforce ecosphere to help B2B companies automate the process of finding and managing references. The built-in content hub lets you easily tag content assets and track their win rates to help drive executive buy-in. 

Best for: Customer marketing, sales and success teams at B2B companies 

Services offered: 

  • Customer reference management 
  • Loyalty platform 
  • Integration services 
  • Customer marketing reporting and analytics 

Strengths: Streamlines the logistics of nominating, scheduling and collecting feedback from reference calls. 

Quick facts: 

Pricing: The Enterprise plan starts at $850 per month, giving users access to their nominations, workflows, loyalty programs, reference call campaigns and schedulers, support and more. 

A good option if:

  • You’re struggling to identify and retain advocates and are looking for ways to streamline these activities. 
  • You want to build a content library of references and other relevant customer-driven content to share with prospects. 
  • You’re already accepting reference calls but are unsure whether it’s actually moving your deals forward. 
  • You want to incorporate a loyalty program that rewards advocates with gifts and tracks it all within a centralized location. 
  • You’re worried about compliance and security risks and want a Salesforce-native app that protects sensitive customer data. 


Other customer reference platforms

Here is one more full-stack customer marketing platform to check out:


Customer review management software

Customer review management software is a platform that lets verified customers provide feedback on software solutions. 

These platforms are valuable for B2B tech vendors since they can list their products in the directory, capture quality reviews and attract ready-to-buy prospects. 

Over 75% of B2B buyers consult with advocacy sources before they make a purchasing decision, meaning it’s imperative to be visible on these vendor websites. 

Explore these customer review management software options:


PeerSpot Homepage

PeerSpot is a buying intelligence platform that bridges the gap between enterprise tech companies and buyers through reviews, discussions and advice from real users. Vendors can list their products, while customers can post reviews, providing valuable insights for buyers who are looking to make informed purchasing decisions.

Best for: B2B and IT companies

Services offered: 

  • Vendor listing 
  • Retargeting and account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns 
  • Review collection and expert analysis 
  • Sponsored comparison 

Strengths: Generates reviews that help buyers accelerate their buying decisions and close more deals. 

Quick facts: 

Pricing: Contact their team to request a demo. 

A good option if:

  • You’re an enterprise tech vendor looking for highly targeted, qualified buyers for lead generation and higher conversion rates.
  • You want to increase visibility and credibility in the market.
  • You aim to capture and showcase product reviews from verified customers. 
  • You want authentic feedback from real users to improve your product and drive growth. 
  • You’d like to leverage a high-intent audience for your ABM and retargeting campaigns.



TrustRadius Homepage

TrustRadius is a review site for business technology software, serving both self-serve buyers and vendors. On the vendor side, the company helps tech companies leverage the authentic voice of their customers across their marketing and sales channels. 

Best for: Business tech companies

Services offered:

  • Buying decision platform 
  • Content licensing 
  • Downstream intent data 
  • TrustRadius profile 

Strengths: Over 1 million mid-level and enterprise buyers use the site monthly with in-depth reviews, ensuring you attract high-quality buyers

Quick facts: 

Pricing: Schedule a demo with their team. 

A good option if:

  • You want to leverage your customer quotes from TrustRadius and syndicate them across your marketing channels.
  • You’re looking to capture the right type of feedback that’s important to you, whether it’s a specific product or use case.
  • You aim to prevent churn and seize upsell opportunities with TrustRadius’s downstream intent data, which tells you when existing customers are exploring other options.
  • You’ve been struggling to find a willing pool of current customers who want to be used as official references to help you build out case studies. 
  • You want a review site with properly vetted and trusted reviewers that wouldn’t smear your brand. 


Gartner PeerInsights 

Gartner PeerInsights Homepage

Gartner PeerInsights is a customer review management platform where technology providers can list their products for buyers to review. Tech vendors can list their products on the site to build reviews and integrate them across marketing channels to boost conversion rates. 

Best for: IT service providers with mid to large-scale enterprise customers 

Services offered: 

  • Product listing 
  • Source reviews 
  • Reviews widget 
  • Exposure within Gartner Research 
  • Product and competitive market insights 

Strengths: Exposure to Gartner research and build instant credibility when associated with the Gartner brand name 

Quick facts: 

Pricing: Free to list your product provided you’re an IT tech provider that serves mid-level to enterprise customers. 

A good option if:

  • You want to leverage reviews in your marketing channels to give buyers confidence. 
  • You’re looking to establish your product as a reputable player in your industry. 
  • You’ve been struggling to drive visibility through Customer Voice. 
  • You want to gain valuable insights into your customer’s needs and develop products that solve their most important problems. 
  • You’d like to get featured in Gartner research reports, which are viewed by B2B executives. 


Other customer review management software

Here are a few other customer review management software options to check out:


Full-stack customer marketing platforms

Full-stack customer marketing platforms are all-in-one software solutions that empower businesses to manage their marketing efforts throughout the entire customer journey. These platforms provide a range of powerful features, like creating unified customer profiles to better understand each customer’s behavior and preferences.

With marketing automation capabilities, marketers can effortlessly capture customer feedback and use it as social proof to boost sales. Also, these platforms offer robust analytics tools, allowing marketers to measure the impact of their customer content on sales pipelines and revenue.

Explore these full-stack customer marketing platforms:


SlapFive Homepage

SlapFive is an end-to-end customer marketing and advocacy software platform that drives customer-led growth by managing all customer marketing workflows in one place. The platform helps to easily capture customer voice in any format and track the influence of your customer reference activities. 

Best for: B2B tech companies 

Services offered: 

  • Customer marketing and advocacy platform
  • Capture and management of Customer Voice, including at events 
  • Customer influence tracking and insights
  • Case study creation 
  • Customer-led growth strategy workshop 
  • Managed services 

Strengths: Complete visibility into all customer engagement activities and their influence on revenue

Quick facts: 

Pricing: You must contact them to book a demo before receiving a quote. 

A good option if:

  • You want to mobilize customers to drive strategic growth initiatives that improve customer acquisition, adoption, expansion, retention and renewal.
  • You want to infuse customer voice into tangible content assets, whether it be a web page, sales page, ebook, blog post, webinar or social media property. 
  • You’re looking to enable your sales reps to sell more effectively by providing them with access to customer-generated content. 
  • You have a small team that doesn’t have the bandwidth or expertise to interview customers and write case studies.  
  • You don’t currently have a way to track the performance of your customer reference activities or customer content. 



Base Homepage

Base is a customer engagement and advocacy automation platform that helps marketers consolidate customer journey data. It also helps marketers scale meaningful interactions with customers to improve retention, lifetime value and advocacy. 

Best for: B2B or B2C technology companies

Services offered: 

  • Customer reference management
  • Advocacy programs and reviews 
  • Branded advocacy and community portal 
  • Customer marketing automation programs

Strengths: Harnessing VoC through automated reference management and analytics 

Quick facts: 

Pricing: Contact the sales team to request a demo. (Review sites like G2 state that prices start at $994 per month.) 

A good option if:

  • You aim to achieve customer marketing at scale by choosing when and where to engage with your customer base across any system or touchpoint. 
  • You prefer a solution that can track the impact of your references and user-generated content to the deals your sales team closes. 
  • You want to automate references by building campaigns that motivate customers to become references. 
  • You want a solution that seamlessly integrates with all the software in your tech stack so your team has more robust customer data—and a single source of truth. 
  • You want a program that has an advocacy scoring model to identify your true customer champions. 



Influitive Homepage

Influitive is a customer advocacy and engagement platform that helps companies nurture their advocates. Marketers can create gamified campaigns and tailored experiences for their customers through incentivized learning and personalized onboarding. 

Best for: Most B2B tech companies, but they also serve B2C brands like Mountain Dew and Head Space. 

Services offered: 

  • Reference management
  • Customer-generated content
  • Customer community platform
  • Customer experience platform
  • Customer loyalty software
  • Customer success platform 

Strengths: Building engaged customer communities

Quick facts: 

Pricing: The Customer Advocacy Plan starts at $1,999 per month, offering a variety of features such as loyalty and rewards programs, pre-built templates and analytics. The Digital Community Plan gives you additional features to create a community, such as a discussion board, knowledge base and Q&A platform. You need to speak with their sales agents to sign up for either plan. 

A good option if:

  • You want a solution that simplifies reference management by pooling relevant members to join your reference pool based on the prospect’s seniority, industry and use cases. 
  • You’d like a platform that can increase upsell and cross-sell and reduce churn. 
  • You want to curate and personalize customer experiences tailored to different segments of customers. 
  • You aim to increase engagement within your community through loyalty programs and gamification. 
  • You’re customer-obsessed and want a data-driven approach to improve your customer engagement campaigns. 


Another full-stack customer marketing platform

Here is one more full-stack customer marketing platform to check out:


Customer marketing consulting companies 

Customer marketing consulting companies help SaaS companies create and scale their advocacy programs. The consulting companies may provide services like customer research and analysis, customer journey mapping, and the implementation of customer advocacy and retention programs. 

Explore these customer marketing consulting companies:

Captivate Collective 

Captivate Collective Homepage

Captivate Collective is a boutique customer advocacy agency that provides custom strategy consulting, campaign implementation, and platform optimization services to drive growth. They provide various forms of consultation to meet your needs, like live team workshops, bespoke coaching programs, or even fractional advocacy services to act as an extension of your team.

Best for: B2B tech companies

Services offered: 

  • Advocacy strategy consulting 
  • Advocacy platform optimization 
  • Customer advocacy campaigns 
  • Fractional advocacy leader 
  • Advocacy management for parental leave

Strengths: Deep expertise in advocacy marketing to help you craft a clear strategy and campaign execution to achieve business objectives. 

Quick facts: 

Pricing: Book a 30-minute consultation with their team to learn more about pricing. 

A good option if:

  • You’re not reaching your retention or advocacy goals and want an actionable strategy that lays the foundation of your customer marketing program. 
  • You’re not getting a good return on investment for your advocacy programs like Influitive or Base. 
  • You want help with creating customer advocacy campaigns that actually move the needle. 
  • You’re a small team with a limited budget that isn’t ready to invest in a full-time customer marketing leader but want a fractional advocacy leader that drives results. 
  • You’re struggling to get internal buy-in from key stakeholders about choosing the right strategy, solution, or direction to carry out your customer marketing initiatives. 
  • You’re worried about stepping away from your team for parental leave.


Porter Consulting 

Porter Consulting Homepage

Porter Consulting is a consulting firm that provides a full range of marketing services for tech-driven enterprises. They specialize in building customer advocacy management programs that align each customer with their optimal advocacy role. 

Best for: IT companies 

Services offered: 

  • Customer advocacy management 
  • Case study development 
  • Customer reference database deployment and management 
  • Sales training and tools 
  • Content creation 
  • Project management 

Strengths: Customer advocacy program implementation to produce well-aligned customer success and case study videos

Quick facts: 

Pricing: Contact their team to discuss pricing. 

A good option if:

  • You want to leverage compelling case studies that help boost conversion rates. 
  • You struggle with getting customers to agree to reference calls or vouching for your product. 
  • You don’t yet have a customer reference database that can be deployed for sales teams, marketing collateral or speaking events. 
  • You need help developing a brand-new customer reference program that turns existing clients into advocates. 


Referential Inc

Referential Inc Homepage

Referential Inc is a customer marketing consulting firm that provides advocacy training, guidance and implementation services to B2B tech companies. Their services run the gamut from tailored program design to reference recruitment and customer content creation. 

Best for: B2B tech companies

Services offered: 

  • Customized customer advocacy program
  • Customer advocacy training for ICCAP certifications
  • Strategic guidance 
  • Advocacy recruitment and fulfillment
  • Metrics and reporting 
  • Content assets and collateral creation

Strengths: Strategic guidance to help advocacy practitioners with program design and fulfillment, ultimately leading to long-lasting customer relationships. 

Quick facts: 

Pricing: Book a 30-minute consultation to discuss pricing. 

A good option if:

  • You want an end-to-end agency that can help design, recruit, and create customer content to serve your advocacy program. 
  • You’ve hit a brick wall and need highly-tailored advice on how to optimize your program. 
  • You don’t have the expertise to onboard the right advocates or create content assets that make a difference in the company’s bottom line. 
  • You need help implementing a reference management database that collects and organizes all of the necessary information. 
  • You’re looking to grow your team of advocacy practitioners and need help training them to become ICCAP-certified. 


Other customer marketing consulting companies

Here are a few more customer marketing consulting companies to check out:


Need to outsource some of your other marketing activities?

Check out these top 12 marketing consulting firms to find the right fit for you.

Case study creation companies

Case studies (also called customer stories) are a powerful sales and marketing tool.

In fact, SaaS marketers ranked case studies the #1 most effective marketing tactic to boost sales—ahead of general website content, SEO, blog posts, social media and other marketing tactics—for the third year in a row.

How effective are these marketing tactics in increasing sales for SaaS companies?

Explore these content agencies that provide case study writing services:

Uplift Content 

Uplift Content is a content marketing agency for high-growth B2B SaaS companies like ClickUp, Calendly and LeanData. We help you close bigger deals faster with done-for-you case studies, blog posts and ebooks.

Emily Amos, the founder and CEO, has over 15 years of experience in content marketing, and 6 in B2B SaaS. She also hosts Content Huddle, an interview series with content marketing and customer marketing leaders in the B2B SaaS space. 

Best for: B2B SaaS companies

Services offered: 

  • Case study writing
  • Customer interviews
  • Blog, ebook and white paper writing services

Strengths: High-performing, long-form content

Quick facts: 

Pricing: Case studies start at $1,500. 

A good option if:

  • You want a partner that understands the complexity of B2B SaaS
  • You need an agency that will take the time to learn about your company, your product and your audience
  • You want to work with writers and editors who have specific experience in B2B SaaS
  • You don’t have time for handholding
  • You want suggestions, strategies and solutions
  • You prefer to work with an agency that cares about your success as much as you do


Case Study Buddy

Case Study Buddy Homepage

Case Study Buddy helps mid-size to enterprise B2B companies create case studies by taking care of all the hassle and heavy lifting. It specializes in turning one story into a full campaign of assets. 

Best for: B2B companies

Services offered: 

  • Written case studies
  • Video testimonials
  • Audiograms

Strengths: Turning one customer story into a full campaign of assets.

Quick facts: 

Pricing: Case studies start at $3,500.

A good option if:

  • You also want design, video testimonials or audiograms.
  • You want a partner who will take care of the details so you can work on other initiatives.
  • You want to work with a company that has a proven method of creating great assets.


Customer content generation platforms 

Customer content generation platforms help B2B vendors capture feedback and turn it into useful content assets. Surveys are strategically sent at specific points in the customer journey, reducing the friction of recruiting customers who want to become advocates. 

Vendors can customize their survey prompts to help elicit certain responses like cost-savings or revenue growth to create compelling data-driven content assets that back-up marketing claims.

Explore these customer content generation platforms:


UserEvidence Homepage

UserEvidence is a SaaS platform for tech companies to proactively collect and share customer evidence, like success stories and testimonials, to prove the value of their products. The software lets vendors customize the content generation process by selecting which feedback to highlight, the design and format of the content and which channels to upload it to. 

Best for: B2B tech companies

Services offered: 

  • Customer evidence library 
  • Feedback collection 
  • Asset publishing
  • Customer content generation 

Strengths: Help turn survey responses and feedback into any customer content format within minutes. 

Quick facts: 

Pricing: Schedule a demo to receive pricing information. 

A good option if:

  • You struggle to find customers willing to share their success stories publicly. 
  • You don’t know how to elicit the right type of responses when surveying customers to build an arsenal of customer content. 
  • You don’t have the time or expertise to create customer-evidence content. 
  • You want a tool to easily turn your customer success stories into your desired type of asset, such as a case study, visualizations, testimonials, and statistical evidence.  
  • Your conversion rates are low, and you want to demonstrate proof that you’ve worked with customers in a similar industry, size, region and use case.



TechValidate Homepage

TechValidate is a SaaS platform that helps companies capture customer feedback, validate their responses and turn the information into branded content that can be used across all stages of the buyer’s journey. 

Everything is customizable from the survey prompts to the type of marketing asset, so you can build persuasive content for any use case. 

Best for: Technology companies

Services offered: 

  • Customer feedback collection
  • Content sharing 
  • Customer content creation 
  • Analytics and reporting 
  • Content library 

Strengths: Software captures targeted customer data points to build visualization charts that provide social proof and backup marketing claims. 

Quick facts: 

Pricing: Reach out to the team at TechValidate to ask about their current pricing. 

A good option if:

  • You want to reduce the cost and time of generating customer content. 
  • You struggle to get even your best customers to endorse your product.
  • You aim to build a huge library of social proof points that can be deployed for research reports, closing sales or creating marketing collateral. 
  • You want to quickly capture feedback from satisfied customers and turn it into powerful content like case studies, charts, research portals and testimonials. 
  • You’re looking for a tool that can filter critical information like company size, job function and industry, allowing you to tailor your customer content to a specific audience. 
  • You’re looking to create verified, research-driven case studies that prove the value of your product and build trust. 


Customer testimonial video providers

Customer testimonial video companies create videos that feature real customers talking about their experiences, challenges and successes with your product or service.

By putting a face and a voice to your brand, potential customers can connect emotionally and feel like they are hearing from people just like them. This authenticity builds trust and credibility, making your marketing more effective. 

Customer testimonial companies handle all aspects of video creation, from pre-production planning and interviewing to editing. 

Explore these customer testimonial video providers:

Testimonial Hero

Testimonial Hero Homepage

Testimonial Hero is a company that specializes in creating videos of customer testimonials for tech companies. It offers 100% done-for-you filming and editing, but its genius lies in its ability to create the perfect short video clips that help accelerate sales. 

Best for: B2B revenue teams 

Services offered: 

  • Customer testimonials
  • Employee testimonials
  • Self-capture testimonials
  • Event testimonials 

Strengths: Video testimonial production services along with micro-content creation to help you get the most value out of customer stories. 

Quick facts: 

Pricing: Schedule a strategy session to discuss pricing. 

A good option if:

  • You struggle to produce compelling testimonial videos that actually capture your audience’s attention.
  • You want an entire done-for-you video process, from planning, filming, interviewing and editing customer testimonial videos.
  • You don’t currently have video testimonials that highlight why customers love working with you. 
  • Your sales cycle takes a long time, and you want to close deals faster.
  • You want optimized video testimonial clips without much effort and time from you or your customers.


The Customer Story 

The Customer Story Homepage

The Customer Story is a boutique video production company that produces customer testimonial videos for tech and software companies. Its expertise lies in distilling complex, industry-specific and complicated language into compelling, effective and engaging videos. 

Best for: Corporate businesses

Services offered: 

  • Testimonial video production
  • Remote video testimonials 
  • Event video production
  • Video editing services 
  • Social media video production 
  • Local video production 

Strengths: Testimonial video production with expert guidance on how to create compelling customer stories. 

Quick facts: 

Pricing: Contact their team for pricing 

A good option if:

  • You want to create evergreen customer videos that actually drive sales. 
  • You lack expertise in video production or have limited resources for creating quality video testimonials. 
  • You want to work with experts who can help guide your interviews to get the best sound bites to tell a compelling story.
  • You hate spending time repurposing customer videos into social posts, sales channels or other deliverables. 
  • You want a video production company to handle all your marketing needs, including corporate, customer advocacy and event videos. 



Laudable Homepage

Laudable is a content company that captures customer interviews and turns them into high-converting deliverables that can be used across your entire go-to-market strategy. Its proprietary software houses all video clips and allows marketers to pull quotes from all transcriptions and recordings to find the perfect snippet to add to the marketing funnel. 

Best for: Marketing leaders from growing B2B software companies

Services offered: 

  • Branded video testimonial production 
  • Auto case study generation using customer call recordings 

Strengths: Video client testimonial creation and expert guidance on infusing proof and stories into your sales and marketing activities.

Quick facts: 

Pricing: Their video testimonial services offer two packages – Essentials Plan at $22,500 and Growth Plan at $35,400, both billed annually. The Essentials package features 8 pro-run interviews and 16 pro-edited videos, while the Growth includes 15 interviews and 30 edited videos. Both include Laudable platform access, so you can chop it up and use it for your needs. Their Auto Stories Software auto-generates advocacy and case studies content, but you’ll need to contact their team for pricing.  

A good option if:

  • You want to drastically cut down the time it takes to create engaging client video testimonials.
  • You struggle to get customers to say yes to interviews.
  • You don’t know how to conduct interviews that incite the best sound bites.
  • You’re tired of spending hours sifting through Gong, Zoom, or Chorus to find sound bites from call recordings.
  • You want to auto-generate case studies using your existing call recordings and transcripts.



VocalVideo Homepage

VocalVideo is a do-it-yourself video testimonial platform allowing marketers to easily upload and edit pro-style videos without the need for a professional. Marketers get access to video request templates to gather more testimonials. The platform includes premium video editing features to add sparkle to your customer stories, such as motion graphics, scene transitions and animations. 

Best for: Small teams or B2B companies on a small budget

Services offered: 

  • Video testimonial production
  • Video testimonial campaign and analytics 
  • Video request templates 
  • Enterprise-level support with a dedicated account manager and campaign strategy

Strengths: Helps marketers create testimonial videos faster and easier. 

Quick facts: 

Pricing: VocalVideo offers five plans—Free, Solo, Team, Pro and Enterprise—ranging from $0 a month to $39 per user per month for the Pro level. Enterprise organizations must contact VocalVideo for Enterprise pricing. Higher-level plans offer more features, such as premium video themes, custom CTA buttons and video analytics. 

A good option if:

  • You have a small team or budget but still want to create impactful customer testimonial videos for your website, marketing campaigns or sales enablement assets. 
  • You don’t want to spend hours trying to learn how to edit videos and distill the key messages from your customer interviews. 
  • You want to create professional quality videos with beautiful transitions, subtitles and motion graphics to better engage prospects. 


Other customer testimonial video providers

Here are a few other customer testimonial video providers to check out: 


Sales content asset management platforms 

Sales content asset management platforms help B2B organizations consolidate their sales-related assets in a single, easily-accessible portal. This includes customer-facing collateral, case studies, presentation decks, and internal reference materials. 

Content from sales, marketing, and product teams is often scattered across multiple siloed repositories, leaving sales reps unable to find the content they’re looking for. Salespeople spend 30 to 50 hours per month searching and recreating content, which is why these platforms can drastically drive productivity and revenue.

Explore these sales content asset management platforms:


HighSpot Homepage

HighSpot is a sales enablement platform that empowers sales teams to increase productivity and drive revenue growth by providing centralized content, training, coaching, and analytics. The platform is used by over 8 million sales personnel and trusted by companies like CVS, DocuSign, DowJones, Twitter and Verizon. 

Best for: Companies with growing sales teams 

Services offered: 

  • Sales content management 
  • Sales playbook software 
  • Sales training and coaching software

Strengths: Sales enablement solutions for enterprise companies 

Quick facts: 

Pricing: Request a demo to learn about their pricing and how they work. 

A good option if:

  • Many of your reps aren’t hitting their expected quotas. 
  • You don’t know when or how to weave customer advocacy content into your sales process. 
  • You have difficulty centralizing and organizing sales content. 
  • Your reps spend too much time looking for internal resources to help close deals.
  • You want to track the success of each customer marketing collateral so you know which assets are effective and which aren’t. 



Seismic Homepage

Seismic is a sales content asset management platform that equips customer-facing teams with the right content and tools to close more deals. Their unified platform allows sales reps to find, personalize and share memorable content with qualified prospects in a matter of seconds. 

Best for: Companies of all business sizes 

Services offered: 

  • Sales content management 
  • Sales learning and coaching 
  • Content automation 
  • Enablement intelligence 

Strengths: Sales content management platform offers in-context recommendations to move deals forward and accelerate deal cycles. 

Quick facts: 

Pricing: Speak with their team to learn more about their pricing packages. 

A good option if:

  • Your reps are losing deals or wasting precious time finding the right sales collateral. 
  • You want to give your sellers the autonomy to personalize sales content to meet prospects’ needs. 
  • You have limited visibility into how sales content is being used and its impact on sales performance. 
  • Your sales and marketing teams waste a lot of time with back-and-forth communication due to a disorganized lack of a unified content platform. 
  • You’re still using boring slide decks and proposals and want to beef up your sales collateral with immersive content that drives buyer engagement throughout the deal cycle. 



Bigtincan Homepage

Bigtincan is a content management system designed to make accessing and presenting content easier for sellers. Marketers can create logic to suggest relevant content to share with prospects based on the deal stage, and then content utilization is automatically logged to Salesforce for valuable insights. 

Best for: Enterprise companies 

Services offered: 

  • Content asset management 
  • Sales coaching and training
  • Analytics and reporting 
  • Conversation intelligence 

Strengths: Content asset management platform makes clear what to use, when to use it, and who to use it with, ultimately driving more sales. 

Quick facts: 

Pricing: Schedule a meeting with their team to learn more about their pricing. 

A good option if:

  • You don’t have a content management system, and your salespeople are wasting time trying to find documents and other sales collateral. 
  • You want to boost sales productivity through a more organized and smarter centralized CMS platform. 
  • You don’t have any way to track how sales reps utilize content and how successful they are in closing deals. 
  • You spend a lot of time designing assets like pitch decks, price sheets, and whitepapers. 
  • Your goal is to empower sellers to leverage the most effective content for each buyer persona and stage of the sales cycle.


Other sales content asset management platforms

Here are a few more sales content asset management platforms for you to check out:


Community, loyalty and referral software 

Community, loyalty, and referral software help customer marketers drive advocacy during the post-purchase stages. 

This type of software lets businesses build communities, serving as hubs for knowledge sharing and discussion. Loyalty programs reward customers for repeat purchases, while referral programs reward users for helping another person become a customer. 

68% of customers leave when they feel you don’t care about them. That’s why creating loyalty programs is a smart strategy for SaaS companies looking to retain their VIP customers and increase their chances of cross-selling and upselling. 

Explore these community, loyalty and referral software options:


SaaSquatch Homepage

SaaSquatch is a loyalty and referral platform that helps success teams and marketers better drive purchase behavior and customer usage inside the products they support. Businesses can set up logic on what rewards to give based on customer status and gain insights into how their advocacy programs are performing.

Best for: Tech companies 

Services offered: 

  • Referral and loyalty management 
  • Mobile rewards programs
  • Analytics and insights 

Strengths: Loyalty and referral management that boosts retention and even win-back old customers. 

Quick facts: 

Pricing: Their pricing plans start at $1,750 per month plus a one-time set-up fee. This includes a referral and partner programs module, four reward triggers, a microsite, and pro-level support. SaaSquach also offers a Lifecycle plan for more premium features, which you’ll have to contact their team for pricing. 

A good option if:

  • You want to reduce acquisition costs and focus on increasing lifetime value.
  • You’re looking to amplify community engagement.
  • You don’t have a predictable system for incentivizing and capturing referrals.
  • You want to reward your most loyal customers through rewards programs to drive retention, engagement and increase lifetime value. 
  • You have a high churn rate and want to develop a win-back program to re-engage former users. 


Higher Logic 

Higher Logic Homepage - Higher Logic is an example of customer marketing solutions

Higher Logic is a community software that helps companies build and manage their own branded online communities. Businesses can boost engagement and cultivate brand advocates by developing self-service support systems, discussion forums, and gamified communities.

Best for: Mid to Enterprise-level companies 

Services offered: 

  • Online community management 
  • Community analytics 
  • Knowledge base builder

Strengths: Online community management to identify and reward brand advocates. 

Quick facts: 

Pricing: Schedule an introductory call to learn about their engagement platform and get pricing information. 

A good option if:

  • You want to build an online community that drives product engagement and loyalty. 
  • You’re struggling to drum up engagement among your users. 
  • You need help identifying your brand advocates to create tailored campaigns for them. 
  • You’re looking to dedicate space where customer ideas can be heard. 
  • You need help with the technical aspects of building and moderating a community.


Insided by Gainsight 

Insided by Gainsight Homepage - Insided is an example of customer marketing solutions

Insided by Gainsight is an all-in-one customer success community platform that helps B2B SaaS businesses drive engagement and business growth. Their platform allows businesses to create a customer community, knowledge base, and in-app embeddables, all in one hub. 

Best for: B2B software companies 

Services offered: 

  • Online community management 
  • Knowledge base management 
  • In-app embeddables 

Strengths: Community platform for engagement amongst customers, backed with advanced gamification. 

Quick facts: 

Pricing: Schedule a demo to learn more about their pricing. 

A good option if:

  • You’re tired of communicating with customers across various channels and yearn for a unified, centralized space to interact with your users. 
  • You’re looking for a more efficient and simplified approach to capturing user-generated content. 
  • You’re searching for a platform to collect and curate valuable quotes and insights that can be repurposed for marketing collateral, product feedback, or even sales content. 
  • Your customer success team is inundated with queries, and you lack a robust system to efficiently streamline and scale your support. 
  • You want a community to identify expert users and brand advocates to help reward those customers and develop more accurate buyer personas. 


Other community, loyalty and referral software options

Here are some more community, loyalty and referral software options for you to check out:


Gifting platforms

Gifting platforms are solutions that allow account-based B2B businesses to create personalized experiences for their customers and prospects. 

These platforms offer a suite of tools to manage and track gifts–sending campaigns along with integrations to help you measure and scale your customer advocacy efforts. Revenue teams can choose from a curated marketplace of personalized gifts, handmade items, swag, and eGifts to send to specific accounts or contacts. 

At its core, business is built on strong relationships. Customers want to know that you care about them more than their wallets. While gift-giving is a revenue-generating strategy, they help you build goodwill so that when it’s time to “ask,” like requesting testimonials or case studies, they’re more than happy to say yes. 

Explore these gifting platforms:


Sendoso Homepage - Sendoso is an example of customer marketing solutions

Sendoso is a direct marketing automation platform that provides curated and customizable gifting solutions for B2B tech companies. With a marketplace of over 30,000 products, including personalized gifts, gift cards, and corporate swag, businesses can drive revenue throughout the customer journey.

Best for: Revenue teams from B2B tech companies 

Services offered: 

  • Curated corporate gifting services 
  • Gift-sending campaign management 
  • Product marketplace

Strengths: Curated corporate gifting solutions that deliver products at the right time to drive customer retention. 

Quick facts: 

Pricing: Sendoso offers five plans – Essential, Plus, Pro, Enterprise, and Express, ranging from small business to fully-customizable enterprise solutions. Book a demo and chat with their team about pricing for each plan. 

A good option if:

  • Your traditional marketing channels like email, social media, and text aren’t effective in engaging your current customers. 
  • Your NPS scores are subpar, and you aspire to deliver memorable experiences that wow your customers. 
  • You’ve tried sending gifts, but you’re unable to measure the effectiveness or scale of your gift-sending efforts. 
  • You aren’t sure what gifts to send and would benefit from a marketplace that offers thousands of handmade, personalized, and unique gifts to send to engage your customers. 
  • You want to foster goodwill with your customers, ultimately boosting retention and facilitating compliance when requesting testimonials.



Alyce Homepage - Alyce is an example of customer marketing solutions

Alyce is a B2B gifting platform that leverages a hyper-personalized and scalable approach to help businesses with their account-based marketing. With access to over 30,000 items in their marketplace and a built-in campaign management system, businesses can deliver and automate relevant gift experiences without appearing impersonal.

Best for: B2B sales and marketing teams 

Services offered: 

  • Corporate gifting services 
  • Campaign management and insights 
  • Branded items and curated marketplace

Strengths: Corporate gifting services that deliver relevant experiences at scale. 

Quick facts: 

Pricing: Book a demo to learn how it works and receive pricing information. 

A good option if:

  • Your nurture campaigns provide lackluster results, and you want to add a personal touch that delivers higher conversion rates.
  • You’ve wanted to incorporate gift sending to your customer advocacy campaigns but don’t know how to create a system that tracks and automates the process. 
  • You struggle to engage key accounts through your existing account-based marketing strategies. 
  • You find it time-consuming to manually find, source, curate, and ship out gifts and want a better approach. 
  • You want to track gift spending against revenue influence to see whether your campaigns are genuinely driving impact. 



Postal Homepage - Postal is an example of customer marketing solutions

Postal is a corporate gifting company that allows B2B companies to source sustainable corporate gifts to help nurture targeted accounts. Unlike outdated offline engagement strategies, Postal lets you manage campaigns virtually and track the ROI of your gifting programs to your sales pipeline. 

Best for: Go-to-market sales and marketing professionals from B2B companies

Services offered: 

  • Corporate gifting marketplace 
  • Gifting campaign management  
  • Digital gifting solutions 
  • Gifting analytics
  • Brand storefront solutions

Strengths: Corporate gifting campaign management to help execute your ABM strategy and nurture target accounts. 

Quick facts: 

Pricing: Chat with their team to learn more about pricing. 

A good option if:

  • You struggle to engage prospects from your account-based marketing efforts. 
  • You want to try direct mail strategies but don’t know how to track the impact and ROI of corporate gifting. 
  • You want to boost engagement and loyalty on accounts that drive the most revenue. 
  • You want to create personalized and branded gifts that reward your best customers. 
  • You find that corporate gifting takes a lot of planning and effort to execute.  


Other gifting platforms

Here are a few more gifting platforms to check out:


Show your customers the love 

You know the power of customer marketing, and so do we. 

These days, it’s almost a matter of whoever loves the customer more wins. Especially when it comes to retention, upsell and cross-sell. 

But it takes time and energy to nurture your customers. You have to:

  • Get to know them
  • Help educate them
  • Celebrate them
  • Reward them
  • Identify advocates
  • Drive reviews
  • Manage case studies
  • Plan webinars and user conferences
  • The list goes on…

Managing all of this is no easy feat, but the right combination of customer marketing solutions and tools will help you develop happy advocates, manage customer advocacy workflows and track insights to measure effectiveness.

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