14 July 2020

How to Generate eBook Ideas and Plan Your Next eBook [5 Tips]

Using ebooks in your marketing efforts helps you move prospects through the buyer’s journey. eBooks make excellent B2B SaaS lead magnets, offering valuable content that nurtures leads into customers. Generating solid ebook ideas is a crucial step in the process of creating a successful ebook.

Planning and ebook ideas are crucial – don’t skip this bit

eBooks are often time-consuming to produce, so it’s important to have a few killer topics up your sleeve to make your efforts worthwhile. In this article, we’ll cover 5 tips for generating ebook ideas—and how to stay organized along the way.

1. Establish a timeline that includes brainstorming ebook ideas

It’s essential to commit to a hard deadline to share your SaaS ebook with the world. Once you’ve done that, create a workback schedule that outlines all of the milestones you’ll need to hit every week to stay on track. This includes giving yourself and your teammates time to get creative and brainstorm ebook ideas.

We recommend using a content calendar and a project management tool to help keep your ebook project organized and efficient.

2. Gather key team members 

You’ll likely have one team member write your entire ebook and another edit the content. However, you’ll probably also involve a graphic designer and marketing coordinator in the process to design the ebook and promote it to customers and prospects. It’s also helpful to include internal subject matter experts to provide information upfront and to review for accuracy.

Even if you land on several compelling ebook ideas, your project could hit roadblocks if your team isn’t clear on what is expected of them to get the job done—and when. Communicate early and often with your team members so that you can all stay focused and organized. Invite them to join you in a brainstorming session on B2B SaaS ebook ideas, too.

3. Determine your goals

Before you begin researching ebook ideas, it’s essential to clarify who the ebook is for, what you’re hoping to achieve with the ebook and how you’ll be promoting the content.

You need to understand what will resonate with your target audience to establish a meaningful objective for your ebook. The content shouldn’t be based on a topic your SaaS company finds interesting, but should instead focus on a subject your audience wants to read about.

4. Research ebook ideas and hone in on a topic

An ebook should be able to answer 4 key questions, suggests this article by Blueleadz:

  1. Which of your audience segments will this ebook target?
  2. What stage of the buyer’s journey will the ebook address?
  3. How will the ebook deliver value to readers?
  4. What action do you want people to take after reading the ebook?

Thorough research can help you answer these questions and generate various ebook ideas that move you towards your goals. You can gather valuable insights by combing through industry publications, searching for popular and relevant queries on Google, monitoring social media and staying up to date with your competitors’ marketing activities.

Try to narrow in on a topic so that the focus of your ebook isn’t too broad. Often, more specific content delivers greater value to your target audience.

5. Brainstorm ebook title ideas 

Once you’ve combed through your list of ebook ideas and honed in on a topic, you can start thinking about titles for the content. Your ebook title needs to make an impact because your B2B SaaS prospects often have only a title and cover art to sway them when considering whether to download an ebook.

The most compelling ebook titles are persuasive and benefit-driven. They clearly communicate what the content is about and why the reader needs the information.

An extra set of hands for your ebook

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