1 April 2024

10 eBook Ideas to Boost Your SaaS Lead Gen Efforts [+ Examples]

Updated April 2024: Attracting quality leads with B2B content is the #1 challenge for content marketers, according to a 2023 study by SEMRush. To overcome this challenge, marketers need to come up with great ebook ideas because these long-form content assets make excellent B2B SaaS lead magnets, offering valuable content that drives leads and sales.

Generating and executing on ebook ideas enables your SaaS company to consistently move prospects through your pipeline so it’s important to have a few killer ebook topics up your sleeve.

In this post, we’ll cover these topics:

How to ensure your ebook ideas will resonate with your audience

As a SaaS marketer, you’re under pressure to produce high-quality, high-performing ebooks regularly—but you’re also tight on resources. And how are you going to entice your audience to download the ebook if you keep creating content on the same topics? 

Coming up with new ebook ideas that will resonate with your target market can be tough. Thorough research is key. You should also try to narrow the topic so the focus of your ebook isn’t too broad. Often, more specific content delivers greater value to your readers.

With that in mind, here are 5 tips to help you generate the best ebook topics:

5 tips for coming up with the best ebook ideas

1. Determine the goal of your ebook

The highest-performing ebooks have a clear and measurable goal that aligns with your business objectives. Consider what action you want your audience to take after they’ve read your ebook. For example, you may want them to book a demo.

2. Understand the problem you want your ebook to help solve

Having deep knowledge of your audience’s challenges is essential to generating ebook ideas that will resonate with your readers and help you achieve your goals.

To ensure you know what makes your customers tick, conduct surveys and focus groups, ask your sales team what topics and questions come up in their conversations with prospects, and tune in to social media and online reviews to scan for issues that come up repeatedly.

3. Audit your current content 

Reviewing your existing content can enable you to figure out which pieces you might be able to repurpose into an ebook, or at least get SaaS ebook ideas from.

Look at your data to see what content performs best in terms of impressions, click-throughs, time on page, exit rate and conversions (downloads, demos, etc.). This high-performing content is likely rich in ebook topic ideas.

Leverage news aggregators and stay active on social media platforms to learn what your audience is reading, commenting on and sharing. This will also allow you to get a sense for the topics your competitors and industry influencers are creating content on—and will also give you excellent SaaS ebook ideas.

5. Conduct keyword research

Identify keywords with solid traffic, as this indicates interest in an ebook idea or topic. Choosing these keywords for your ebook will improve your chances of driving traffic to the landing page where people can choose to download the ebook. This is a great way to check if the ebook ideas that you’re keen on are also ideas that your audience wants to read about.

10 ebook ideas you can try (+ examples)

eBook idea #1: Ultimate Guides

Ultimate Guides

When it comes to ebook ideas, an ultimate guide is a great option. It’s a resource that comprehensively covers a particular topic or aspect of your industry or niche. It typically provides in-depth insights, actionable tips, case studies and best practices to educate and empower the reader.

When to use

Consider using an ultimate guide when you want to establish your brand as an authority in your industry, providing a deep dive on a complex topic or offering valuable resources to your audience.

eBook ideas: examples for ultimate guides

More example titles

  • “The Ultimate Guide to B2B SaaS Sales Strategies: Mastering Lead Generation, Conversion, and Retention”
  • “The Ultimate Guide to B2B SaaS Product Management: From Concept to Launch”
  • “The Ultimate Guide to B2B SaaS Customer Success: Building Strong Relationships for Long-Term Growth”

eBook idea #2: Case Study Compilations

Case Study Compilations

A case study compilation ebook is not used very often, but it should be. Of the ebook ideas listed, this one tends to resonate really well with target audiences.

A case study compilation ebook gathers real-world success stories from your customers to demonstrate the effectiveness of your product or service. It showcases how others have overcome challenges and achieved desirable outcomes using your solution.

When to use

Use a case study compilation ebook when you want to provide social proof of your product’s value, inspire confidence in potential buyers, or illustrate the tangible benefits your solution can deliver.

eBook ideas: examples for case study compilations

More example titles

  • “10 Case Studies of B2B SaaS Companies Boosting ROI with Marketing Automation: Real-World Success Stories”
  • “Driving Growth: Success Stories from 5 B2B SaaS Startups Scaling with Customer-Centric Strategies”
  • “B2B SaaS Success Stories: How Industry Leaders Leveraged Data Analytics to Drive Business Impact”

Industry Trends Reports

An industry trends report offers insights into the latest developments, emerging trends, and future predictions within your industry. It analyzes market data, consumer behavior, and technological advancements to inform and guide decision-making. When it comes to ebook ideas, an industry trends report is a must-have.

When to use

Consider using an industry trends report when you want to position your brand as a thought leader, educate your audience on industry shifts, or provide valuable market intelligence to stakeholders.

eBook ideas: examples for industry trends reports

More example titles

  • “The State of B2B SaaS: Trends and Predictions for 202X”
  • “Emerging Technologies in B2B SaaS: Shaping the Future of Enterprise Software”
  • “The Evolution of B2B SaaS Marketing: Strategies for Adapting to Changing Consumer Behavior”

eBook idea #4: Workflow Optimization eBooks

Workflow Optimization eBooks

A workflow optimization ebook provides practical guidance and strategies for improving efficiency and productivity in specific workflows or processes that matter to your target audience. It offers actionable tips, tools, and best practices to streamline operations. Of the ebook ideas listed, this is a great one for the more tactical audiences.

When to use

Try a workflow optimization ebook when you want to address common pain points faced by your audience, offer solutions to enhance their day-to-day operations or establish your brand as a trusted resource for optimization strategies.

eBook ideas: examples for workflow optimization ebooks

More example titles

  • “The B2B SaaS Marketer’s Handbook to Streamlining Content Creation Processes: Tips, Tools, and Best Practices”
  • “Efficiency Unleashed: A Guide to Optimizing Sales Processes in B2B SaaS Companies”
  • “Unlocking Productivity: The B2B SaaS Guide to Streamlined Project Management Workflows”

eBook idea #5: Product Comparison Guide

Product Comparison Guide

A product comparison guide compares your product or service with competitors in the market, highlighting key features, benefits, and differences. It can also help prospects make informed purchasing decisions by providing side-by-side evaluations. When it comes to ebook ideas, this is a great one for middle and bottom of funnel.

When to use

Opt for a product comparison guide when your audience is in the consideration stage of the buyer’s journey, seeking information to evaluate various solutions, or when you want to differentiate your offering from competitors.

eBook ideas: examples for product comparison guides

More example titles

  • “The B2B SaaS Buyer’s Guide: Comparing Top Project Management Tools”
  • “CRM Showdown: A Comprehensive Comparison of Leading B2B SaaS Solutions”
  • “Choosing the Right Marketing Automation Platform: A Side-by-Side Comparison for B2B Marketers”

eBook idea #6: Implementation Playbooks

Implementation Playbooks

An implementation playbook offers a structured roadmap and actionable steps for successfully implementing your product or solution. It guides users through the setup, onboarding, and integration processes to ensure a smooth transition. When it comes to the ebook ideas listed, this is a good one for your CSMs to provide to new customers.

When to use

Choose an implementation playbook when you want to support customers during the adoption phase, reduce friction in the onboarding process, or increase user satisfaction and retention rates.

eBook ideas: examples for implementation playbooks

More example titles

  • “The B2B SaaS Implementation Playbook: A Blueprint for Success from Trial to Onboarding”
  • “Smooth Sailing: A Step-by-Step Guide to Implementing Customer Relationship Management Software”
  • “Deploying Enterprise Software: The Definitive Guide to B2B SaaS Solution Integration”

eBook idea #7: Expert Roundups

Expert Roundups

An expert roundup gathers insights, opinions, and advice from industry experts and thought leaders on a specific topic or theme. It provides diverse perspectives and valuable expertise to enrich the reader’s understanding. Of the ebook ideas listed in this post, expert roundups are great for thought leadership.

When to use

Opt for an expert roundup ebook when you want to leverage the credibility and authority of influential figures in your industry, offer diverse viewpoints on a complex topic, or engage your audience with valuable insights from recognized thought leaders.

eBook ideas: examples for expert roundups

More example titles

  • “Expert Insights: The Future of B2B SaaS Customer Experience”
  • “Innovation Unleashed: Perspectives from B2B SaaS Thought Leaders on Industry Disruption”
  • “Navigating Uncertainty: Expert Opinions on the Role of AI in the Future of B2B SaaS”

eBook idea #8: Interactive Workbooks or Toolkits

Interactive Workbooks or Toolkits

An interactive workbook or toolkit offers hands-on resources such as templates, worksheets, checklists, or interactive exercises to help readers apply concepts discussed in the ebook. It encourages active participation and facilitates practical implementation.

When to use

Use an interactive workbook or toolkit when you want to provide actionable tools and resources to support learning and implementation, foster engagement with your content, or enhance the value proposition of your ebook.

eBook ideas: examples for interactive workbooks or toolkits

More example titles

  • “The B2B SaaS Marketing Toolkit: Templates and Worksheets for Campaign Success”
  • “Content Creation Made Easy: A Comprehensive Toolkit for B2B SaaS Content Marketers”
  • “Project Management Mastery: Interactive Worksheets for B2B SaaS Teams”

eBook idea #9: Thought Leadership eBooks

Thought Leadership eBooks

A thought leadership ebook articulates your brand’s unique perspectives, vision, and values on a particular topic or issue within your industry. It aims to inspire, challenge assumptions, and provoke thought among readers.

When to use

Employ a thought leadership ebook when you want to differentiate your brand from competitors, spark conversations around industry trends or ideologies, or position your company as a forward-thinking leader in your field.

eBook ideas: examples for thought leadership ebooks

More example titles

  • “The B2B SaaS Manifesto: Redefining Success in the Digital Era”
  • “Leading the Charge: A Manifesto for Innovation in B2B SaaS Technology”
  • “Building Trust: The B2B SaaS Manifesto for Transparent and Ethical Business Practices”

eBook idea #10: Customer Success Guides

Customer Success Guides

A customer success guide provides strategies, tips, and best practices for maximizing the value and benefits of your product or service. It helps users achieve their desired outcomes, overcome challenges, and drive long-term success.

When to use

Choose a customer success guide when you want to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, reduce churn rates, or empower users to derive maximum value from your solution throughout their journey.

eBook ideas: examples for customer success guides

More example titles

  • “The B2B SaaS Customer Success Handbook: Strategies for Driving Growth and Retention”
  • “Unlocking Value: Proven Tactics for Maximizing ROI with B2B SaaS Solutions”
  • “Customer-Centricity in B2B SaaS: A Guide to Cultivating Long-Term Relationships and Advocacy”

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