22 June 2021

6 eBook Marketing Strategies to Help You Generate SaaS Leads

How do you stand out from your competitors in the crowded B2B SaaS market? Creating content that shows you care about customer success is an excellent way to elevate your brand. eBooks are great tools to help your audience learn and solve problems, which is why they receive 3 times more downloads than white papers. However, ebooks are only useful if you promote them, so you need a few ebook marketing strategies you can start using today.

In this blog post, we’ll share 6 ebook marketing tips to help you drive downloads of your B2B SaaS ebooks and generate leads for your company.

eBook marketing strategies for B2B SaaS

Writing SaaS ebooks can be a labor-intense process, which is why you need to leverage ebook marketing strategies to make sure your newly minted content doesn’t go unseen. Here are a few easy strategies to try:

1. Run a pre-launch

Generate interest in advance of the launch of your SaaS ebook by running a pre-launch digital marketing campaign where you share snippets of the content (along with eye-catching graphics) in your email newsletter and on social media. 

Ensure that the content previews you share contain useful information for your audience so they’ll want to read the full ebook. You can ask questions on your social channels related to information in your ebook and let your audience know the correct answers will be revealed once the ebook is published. Have some fun with this tactic and turn it into a contest.

2. Generate conversation online

One of the simplest ebook marketing strategies you can use is good old word of mouth. Pop into SaaS-related Slack channels or LinkedIn groups and drop your ebook into conversations

For example, if your ebook is about cybersecurity software, find a relevant conversation where you can add value by sharing the link to your ebook landing page and letting people know how the content addresses the issues they’re discussing.

3. Go live on social media

Making a video about your ebook is a savvy tactic and one of the most common ebook marketing tips you’ll see suggested online—but going live on video takes this approach one step further. Live streaming increased downloads by 99% between April 2019 and April 2020, and its popularity continues to rise.

eBook marketing strategies should always tie back to your audience, so try going live on LinkedIn where B2B professionals spend their time. The LinkedIn Live feature is available to company pages with more than 500 followers and personal profiles with over 1,000 followers. YouTube is also another solid bet, as the world’s second largest search engine after Google, where people are actively searching for how-to content.

4. Promote your ebook through guest blogging

As a SaaS marketer, perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “borrow other people’s audiences.” Guest blogging is an excellent way to extend the reach of your ebook by promoting it to an audience beyond your own loyal fans. 

Another bonus? This tactic will help build the domain authority of your company’s website if you include a backlink to the site in your guest blog. Just make sure the website you’re guest posting on is relevant to your target market.

5. Leverage digital advertising

eBook marketing strategies should always include both organic and paid tactics. Run digital advertising campaigns on LinkedIn, Google and/or Facebook to get your ebook in front of more eyeballs than you could through the previous ebook marketing tips alone.

“The ability to hyper-target your advertising to reach your desired demographic makes Facebook ads an incredibly reasonable ad spend,” according to this article by WSI World.

6. Forge partnerships

Another way to borrow someone else’s audience is by asking them to promote your SaaS company’s ebook to their email list or social media followers, while you return the favor. Establishing partnerships of this nature is a cost-effective strategy that doesn’t require a heavy lift from either party. Again, be sure to align with another company that shares a similar audience, but that doesn’t sell exactly the same products or services. 

eBook promotion checklist

You now have 6 ebook marketing strategies you can use to get the word out about your B2B SaaS ebook, driving downloads and helping to build your email list with leads. 

For even more ideas to catch the eye of your best prospects, download Uplift Content’s ebook promotion checklist.

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