21 April 2020

5 Tips for Writing eBook Titles That Get Downloads

Updated April 21, 2020: Your prospective B2B SaaS customers often have only an ebook title and cover to base their decision on when considering whether to download your ebook—so these elements need to make an impact. The best ebook titles are strong, persuasive and benefit-driven.

eBook titles that resonate

Put yourself in your reader’s shoes as you develop your ebook title. Ask yourself:

  • Is this ebook worth the time to read (or skim through)? 
  • Is this ebook worth the cost of handing over my email address?
  • What benefits does this ebook offer over other ebooks?

Your ebook title acts as a first impression and can make or break a potential relationship with your reader. You should craft your ebook title to illustrate the value the content will deliver to your reader or the problem it’ll solve for them.

How to write the best ebook titles

Here are a few tips on how to write powerful and effective ebook titles:

1. Show your audience what’s in it for them

After putting yourself in your reader’s shoes, you need to follow through and deliver value. The best ebook titles show your audience how the ebook will benefit them and what they’ll gain as a result.

No: Your Guide to Creating Better Blog Posts

Yes: 31 Days to Build a Better Blog

2. Grab their attention

When an ebook title resonates with someone or they can see themselves benefiting from the information, they’re more likely to download the content. This is why your ebook title should use words that make people feel inspired, excited or motivated.

No: How to Redesign Your Website

Yes: A B2B Marketer’s Guide to Website Redesign for Maximum Impact

3. Be clear and concise

If readers don’t understand your ebook title, they won’t be interested in what’s inside. Avoid convoluted and wordy titles to ensure your readers can quickly and easily figure out what they’re going to get inside the ebook.

No: Landing Page Optimization Tools and Best Practices for Improving Your Conversion Rates

Yes: 7 Advanced Tricks to Optimize Landing Page Conversion

4. Consider using a subtitle

Sometimes your ebook title will be short, catchy and memorable, but it may not provide enough information to really communicate what the ebook is about. You can add a subtitle to give your ebook title breathing room while providing further context on what’s inside. Remember, a subtitle should also be clear and concise.

No: The Hidden Cost of Doing Nothing

Yes: The Hidden Cost of Doing Nothing: 5 Ways You Pay a Hefty Price For Inaction 

5. Brainstorm ebook title ideas

Don’t settle. You should give as much care and attention to your ebook title as you would to any other aspect of the content. If you’re unsure of how your audience will react to the title, show it to others to see their first impression. If they’re confused or uninspired to read the ebook, head back to the drawing board.

No: Ideas for Generating More Leads

Yes: The 30 Greatest Lead Generation Tips, Tricks & Ideas

Get help with your ebooks

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