4 January 2022

How to End a Blog Post: 5 Ideas for B2B SaaS [And 1 Foolproof Strategy]

Knowing how to end a blog post is essential for B2B SaaS marketers. When a reader reaches your blog post conclusion, chances are good that they’re interested in your brand and what you have to offer. So don’t fumble the ball right before the touchdown line with a lackluster blog post ending!

5 options for how to end a blog post

Option 1: Summarize the post

Ending your blog post with a recap of key points helps your readers remember what you covered. Plus, summaries are a great opportunity to boost SEO by getting your focus keyword in one more time.

Example of how to end a blog post by summarizing it:

Example of how to end a blog post: Upland
Source: Upland

Option 2: Ask a question

A great way to wrap up a blog post is by keeping your readers engaged in two-way communication. That’s why asking a question is so effective. This strategy can help you get some action going in the comments section of your B2B SaaS blog. Asking questions also encourages your readers to contact you on social media or by email with their answers.

Example of how to end a blog post by asking a question:

Example of how to end a blog post: Neil Patel
Source: Neil Patel

Option 3: Inspire your reader

By and large, B2B SaaS audiences read blog posts to solve problems and learn. Ending a blog post with a conclusion that motivates your readers to take action is a smart move.

For example, if you’re writing about customer relationship management software, you can challenge readers to reach out to one of their customers to nurture the relationship and put some of your tips into action. This direct approach will not only motivate them, but it’ll make your brand memorable in their eyes.

Example of how to end a blog post by inspiring your reader:

Example of how to end a blog post: CoSchedule
Source: CoSchedule

Option 4: Build anticipation

Learning how to create anticipation in your content is crucial to knowing how to conclude a blog post. Your blog post conclusions can pique readers’ interest to stay tuned for the next article. This tactic works well for promoting a series of blog posts, like this example from our own blog. Here, we’re promoting the next post in our case study critique series.

Example of how to end a blog post by building anticipation:

Example of how to wrap up a blog post: Uplift Content
Source: Uplift Content

Option 5: Use your keyword one last time

As a B2B SaaS marketer, you know you need to work several keywords into every blog post, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. Including a keyword or two in your blog post conclusion is a great way to boost your post’s SEO ranking.

Example of how to end a blog post by using the keyword:

Focus keyword: best sales tools

Example of how to end a blog post: Calendly
Source: Calendly

Why include a call to action in a blog post

You now have 5 ideas for how to end a blog post, but we’ve saved our top pick for last. The absolute best way to end a blog post is with a call to action (CTA). A quality CTA is your golden ticket to the next stage in your relationship with your audience. Carefully crafted call to action phrases guide your readers where you want them to go next—and they increase your conversions.

Example of ending a blog post with a CTA:

Example of how to wrap up a blog post: Convince & Convert
Source: Convince & Convert

Get help with blog post writing

Knowing how to end a blog post, and being strategic about it, is a critical tool in your marketing toolkit. At Uplift Content, our blog post writing service helps drive high-intent traffic to your website, boosting your conversions and freeing up your time to work on other high-value tasks.

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