10 December 2019

How to Give Your SaaS Content Writer Feedback

Building a strong relationship with your B2B SaaS content writer makes work stress-free for you and your team, and helps ensure you receive well-written marketing content that draws your readers into a compelling story. Giving your writer feedback that’s thoughtful, clear and constructive is one way to set this relationship up for success.

Business benefits of good writer feedback

When you give your writer feedback that’s direct, and that highlights both positives and negatives, it makes communication smoother and saves time on revisions. Good feedback helps your B2B SaaS writer hone their skills quickly, which in turn gets you the results you’re looking for faster. Follow these 4 tips to make the process a breeze.

Tip #1: Read the entire piece of content before you provide feedback

It can be tempting to edit enthusiastically from the get-go when you’re reviewing copy, but a little restraint goes a long way. Before you give your writer feedback, read until the end of the piece. Your writer may address your comment or question further along in the copy.

Saving yourself time isn’t the only benefit to this tip. Reading a draft in its entirety before editing gives you the context you need to ensure your feedback is useful. This is also how you get a high-level picture of whether the piece makes sense, hits on all the key points and tells a compelling story.

Tip #2: Get your team on the same page with their edits

When you have feedback from multiple team members on a piece of content, it’s ideal to filter this through one person to your B2B SaaS writer, but this isn’t always realistic. When several people need to provide feedback, your first priority should be to ensure none of it is contradictory. After all, you want your writer to focus on crafting a great story, not on trying to figure out whether to listen to Michelle or Dan. This may require a quick internal sync before each document gets sent to your writer, but it’s worth your time.

Part of giving your writer feedback that’s clear includes establishing who has the final say on revisions, and communicating this information to your writer. Getting on the same page internally leads to efficiencies during the review process.

If you’re not sure how to implement a review process, try using Google Docs. This will ensure all feedback is captured in one place, and you’ll avoid having individual versions of documents floating around.

Tip #3: Be specific about what needs to change

It’s okay to tell your B2B SaaS content writer when something isn’t working for you (an experienced writer knows that critical feedback isn’t personal), but you need to tell them why so that they can fix the problem. The more specific you can be when you give your writer feedback, the faster they’ll be able to address issues and deliver high-performing marketing content.

Confusion due to unclear communication leads to more time spent in the editing phase, which is not only inefficient, but totally avoidable. One way to avoid this is to properly onboard your writer to set them up for success. Another way to do this is to use some of these writing feedback examples to help you deliver direct, useful comments.

Tip #4: Make a point to give positive feedback, too

We’re all strapped for time, so it might seem easiest to point out the problems with a piece of content and move on to your next task. However, it’s worth your time to highlight what your B2B SaaS content writer has done well. It’ll make them feel good, but more importantly, giving your writer feedback that’s positive will help them learn your preferences.

A good writer wants to bring value to your team and will work to deliver more of the content you’re looking for. Learn more about the benefits of building a strong relationship with your writer.

Get ready for your marketing content to shine

Now you know how to give your B2B SaaS content writer feedback that gets results. Remember to always read their work in its entirety before you start editing, get your team on the same page, be specific about what needs to change and highlight what worked. Let your writer know they can voice their ideas, too, and you’ll have open communication and stellar marketing content in no time.

If you’re working with a new writer, you can easily (and painlessly) onboard them with this customizable and downloadable onboarding tool designed specifically for B2B SaaS writers.

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Emily Amos

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