27 April 2021

How to Increase Customer Engagement for B2B SaaS with Content

Understanding how to increase customer engagement is a wise move for any SaaS company that wants to progress beyond transactional relationships, enhance customer experience and drive long-term brand affinity. 

Dedicating time and resources to customer engagement enables you to show your customers that their needs are important to you, and that you’re interested in hearing their feedback, which in turn improves your company’s reputation.

Customer engagement also leads to a healthier bottom line, since highly engaged customers are 23% more profitable than the average customer. In this blog post, we’ll explore why customer engagement is mission critical for your SaaS company, and share 4 tips to help you turn your customers into your biggest fans using content marketing.

Content marketing for customer engagement

Great SaaS companies invest in creating high quality products and services that appeal to their target customers. However, to stand above the crowd, you must focus on retention in addition to acquisition. This approach goes beyond the point of purchase and requires a customer engagement strategy that includes a strong content marketing program.

Knowing how to increase customer engagement helps B2B companies reduce attrition by 63%. You can use various types of interesting and educational SaaS content across different marketing channels to keep your customers engaged with your business, including your website, email marketing campaigns, online industry forums and social media platforms.

Your B2B SaaS content should be carefully crafted to nurture your customer base. Creating insightful blog posts, helpful ebooks and compelling case studies are several effective ways to increase customer engagement.

How to increase customer engagement: 4 tips

1. Humanize your content

As a SaaS marketer, you need to give your content some personality if you want it to resonate with your customers and build two-way relationships that drive engagement. Whether you choose to write your content in-house or outsource this task to an external partner, it’s essential to develop a strong brand voice that your customers will recognize, and that makes them feel like they’re conversing with a human being when they interact with you, rather than a faceless corporation.

2. Create content your customers can use

Nearly 50% of smartphone users are more likely to make a purchase from a company that publishes instructional content on its website. This is why understanding how to increase customer engagement with excellent B2B SaaS content is integral to your ability to retain business. Creating helpful content shows that you care about your customers’ success and that you want to see them overcome their challenges.

3. Ask for feedback

No SaaS content marketing customer engagement strategy would be complete without a plan to gather and implement feedback. However, 39% of businesses skip this crucial step, which is a missed opportunity for building brand loyalty and increasing revenue.

“Some companies start the customer journey by asking customers to fill out a user profile or take a quiz that has them select preferences. This way, you can obtain customer feedback at the beginning of the experience, then delight the customer from then on out,” suggests this article by HubSpot

4. Personalize the experience

Once you’ve gotten a handle on creating human-sounding, useful content and regularly collecting feedback from your customers to improve your marketing, you’ll have a solid foundation for how to increase customer engagement. Your next step is to start personalizing your B2B SaaS content for various customer segments. Considering that custom content influences 61% of purchasing decisions, this strategy is worth your time.

You can use the feedback you’ve gathered to personalize your content based on your customers’ behavior and preferences. An easy place to start is with your email marketing, and the blog posts, case studies or lead magnets you promote in specific emails based on customer segment. This extra step will impress your customers and help drive retention.

Boost your customer engagement strategy with killer writing

As a SaaS marketer, you know you need to keep your customers happy by creating a consistent flow of stellar content. The only problem? You’re totally maxed out. 

With the help of an experienced B2B SaaS content writer, you get exactly the content you need—and more time to work on other initiatives. Learn how our B2B content marketing agency can help you produce case studies, ebooks and blog posts that increase customer engagement.

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