31 March 2020

Increase Newsletter Subscribers with these 5 Tips

As a B2B SaaS marketer, you know that a healthy email list has the power to take your business from the sidelines to the finish line when it comes to reaching revenue goals. In this video, we’ll cover 5 ways to increase newsletter subscribers and stay on track for a win.

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Increase Newsletter Subscribers with these 5 Tips (Transcript)

Hi SaaS marketers! Emily Amos here from Uplift Content.

Email is still a core component of a solid B2B SaaS marketing strategy, generating up to 90% of landing page traffic as well as 90% of revenue for companies like Unbounce and SumoMe. While this may sound fantastic, if you’ve ever been under pressure to increase newsletter subscribers, you know it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

How to increase newsletter subscribers

As growing numbers of companies enter the B2B SaaS space, getting your hands on the email addresses of potential leads has become increasingly challenging. This valuable contact information has also become more expensive to acquire.

It can be equally frustrating that B2B marketers usually can’t offer the same incentives that B2C marketers can provide those who sign up for their newsletters. For example, B2C brands like retailers and restaurants can offer shopping and dining deals.

While you may not have a head start, you need to stay in the marathon if you want to cross the finish line. Here are a few tips to help you increase newsletter subscribers.

1. Provide a preview

Give your audience an idea of the content they’ll receive from you by sharing a compelling blog post or video that summarizes the kind of valuable information that’s delivered in your newsletters. Invite them to sign up for a deeper dive into the topic.

2. Set a predictable schedule

If it’s not clear to people how often they’ll hear from you, they may choose not to receive your communications at all. You can reassure your audience that you won’t spam them by letting them know you’ll only show up in their inbox monthly, for example. 

3. Consider the context

The call to action at the end of a blog post should be different than the one that appears on a sales page. In the context of the blog post, educational value may resonate most with your audience, so invite them to sign up for a newsletter filled with actionable insights. In the context of the sales page, your best bet could be to promote a newsletter that shares product updates.

4. Deliver value first

If you want your audience to invest in you, take the first step and establish how you can offer them value. Hosting a webinar or providing another one of the best B2B lead magnets is one way to increase newsletter subscribers in exchange for a learning experience. It’s also a chance to showcase your company’s expertise.

5. Harness your brand power

The more people know and love your brand, the more likely they are to want to hear from you. Be authentic, helpful and likeable, and your audience will thank you for it.

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