26 November 2019

How to Onboard a B2B SaaS Content Writer

Get your writer ready to create marketing content that converts

As a B2B SaaS marketer, you’re well aware that case studies, ebooks and white papers are powerful top-of-funnel tools that help close bigger deals faster. But you also don’t always have time to write them yourself. Enter a content writer.

Working with a B2B SaaS content writer is a proven way to nurture a consistent flow of high quality leads—but only if the writer understands your products, company and industry. If you put your writer to work before you cover these crucial bases, you could end up with off-brand messaging, endless revisions and lacklustre results. 

Getting your B2B SaaS content writer up to speed doesn’t have to mean constant hand-holding. With a few tips and tools, you can onboard your writer quickly and painlessly.

Tip #1: Familiarize your content writer with your company

When your content writer knows your brand and audience, they’ll champion both all the way to the finish line—your next sale. Ensure your B2B SaaS writer has time set aside to dig into your website, marketing videos, customer reviews, testimonials, blog posts and articles that speak to the core challenges your company solves. Also schedule a 30-minute call to chat about the high-level marketing messages you want your writer to convey.

Tip #2: Ensure your writer understands your products

Your content writer has to be well versed in the market’s need for your B2B SaaS products before they can write about them effectively. Provide sales sheets to your writer, and have them run through a demo so they can get an idea of how you pitch your products. Ask them to dig into your various customer personas. Finally, ensure they’re comfortable with any technical terms that relate to the industries they’ll be writing about.

Tip #3: Help your content writer speak your language

Consistency in tone and style is essential when writing marketing content, and B2B SaaS case studies, ebooks and white papers are no exception. Give your content writer your style guide as part of the onboarding process, along with examples of previous pieces of content so they can get a feel for the style and format. The more accurate your writer’s first draft is, the less work you have to put in to polish it. 

Share your SEO terms with your B2B SaaS writer, too, so they can help drive quality search leads to your website.

Tip #4: Provide a writer’s brief for each piece of content

Once you’ve onboarded your B2B SaaS content writer, you’ll need to provide them with a writer’s brief specific to the project you’d like them to get started on. This helpful tool allows you to outline your expectations, the direction you’d like the piece to take and any messaging that needs to be included. 

By providing a brief, you can get on with all the other tasks on your plate, knowing that your writer has what they need to craft excellent content. Remember, a writer’s brief is meant to simplify your life—so keep it short and don’t write the entire assignment yourself! Learn what to include in a writer’s brief.

Download our customizable onboarding tool

Now that you know how to onboard a B2B SaaS content writer, put your knowledge into practice for your next case study, ebook or white paper. Download our customizable onboarding tool and add your company-specific information so your writer has everything they need to hit the ground running. Then, get ready to celebrate your next sale!

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Emily Amos
Emily Amos

As the founder of Uplift Content, Emily leads teams in creating done-for-you case studies, ebooks and white papers for high-growth SaaS companies. Check out her bio.

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