9 November 2021

6 Opt-In Landing Page Examples to Drive SaaS Conversions

An opt-in landing page is a critical SaaS marketing tool. It serves as your ticket to converting website visitors into email subscribers. Reviewing other SaaS companies’ opt-in landing page examples is an excellent way to ensure the next opt-in page you create will capture your visitors’ attention. The key to success is writing compelling opt-in page copy that will entice your visitors to give you their email address.

In this blog post, we’ll answer the question, “What’s an opt-in landing page?” We’ll also share 6 opt-in landing page examples for B2B SaaS.

What’s an opt-in landing page?

An opt-in landing page is a page on your website crafted to persuade visitors to fill out a form providing you with their email address. In most opt-in landing page examples, the visitor will receive a free, downloadable resource in exchange for their email address.

Example opt-in landing pages, like white paper and ebook opt-in pages, build trust with potential customers. They achieve this by showcasing your SaaS company’s expertise and offering actionable guidance.

Opt-in landing page examples to inspire you

1. Headline for your opt-in landing page

The best opt-in landing page examples have attention-grabbing headlines. Your headline should convey the urgency of downloading the content on the page, like this example from CrowdStrike:

Opt-in page example 1 from Crowdstrike

You can test headline copy for your SaaS opt-in landing page using Coschedule’s free headline analyzer. The tool evaluates how well your headline will drive traffic and shares.

2. Persuasive copy

Compelling, benefit-driven opt-in page copy can boost your conversion rates. This example opt-in landing page from Splunk shows readers how they can achieve the same success as heavy hitters like Nasdaq, Slack and Dominos by downloading the content.

Opt-in page example 2 from Splunk

3. Social proof

Opt-in landing page examples that include customer logos allow you to leverage social proof to drive downloads. You can also use social proof to demonstrate the caliber of your customers or the size of your user base. Or, include testimonials to increase your credibility, like this example from Paycom.

Opt-in page example 3 from Paycom

4. Relevant images or graphics

“Well-chosen images can provide support for the copy and make it more persuasive. They can also be used to make your opt-in landing page easier to skim. This helps the potential customer to quickly figure out what it is that you are offering,” says this article by Clickfunnels

Your opt-in page should cater to visitors who prefer visual content, like this example from HubSpot.

Opt-in page example 4 from Hubspot

5. Opt-in landing page form

The best opt-in landing page examples have short forms that make it easy for visitors to give you their email address. Your form shouldn’t ask for any sensitive information that could deter someone from filling it out. This example from Okta knocks simplicity out of the park.

6. Call to action

Your opt-in landing page should include a call to action (CTA) that guides your visitor where you want them to go next. This will improve your chances of converting visitors into subscribers. Your CTA should be clear and easy to spot, like this example from Workday.

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