14 December 2021

Outsource Writing Services or Use In-House Writers?

Your marketing efforts rely largely on your ability to share useful, compelling information about your products. To do this effectively, you need a strong B2B SaaS writer to help get the job done. It’s up to you whether you outsource writing services or keep the writing in-house.

In this video, we’ll cover the pros and cons of outsourced writers and in-house writers. This is the second post in a 7-part series on how to find and work with your next SaaS writer successfully.

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Outsource Writing Services or Use In-House Writers? (Transcript)

Hi SaaS marketers! Emily Amos here from Uplift Content.

It’s essential to have valuable, high quality content for your prospects and customers. To create this content, you either need to use outsourced writers or in-house writers.

In this post, let’s dive into the debate of whether writer outsourcing or in-house writers are your best bet.

Pros of hiring an in-house B2B SaaS writer

There are many benefits of hiring an in-house B2B SaaS writer over outsourced writers. First, they develop a depth of knowledge about your audience, products and marketing messages by virtue of being an employee. Secondly, an in-house writer participates in strategy meetings and engages in break-time chats that can be surprisingly valuable.

If you have the budget, it’s great to hire a B2B SaaS writer who is 100% dedicated to creating content for your products. This allows you to plan and execute a robust content strategy knowing your team member has no competing priorities. 

More realistically, though, you’ll be hiring someone for a marketing role. And this new team member will also need the skills to write valuable and engaging content. Unfortunately, they’ll likely struggle to find time to dedicate to writing projects with all of the other tasks on their plate.

Pros of using outsourced writing services

Outsourced writers are great when internal marketing team don’t have time to take on writing tasks. Or the marketing team may not have the specific writing experience needed. Outsourced writers, on the other hand, have been honing their writing skills for years. 

Writer outsourcing allows busy marketing teams to delegate tasks. This frees up time for them to work on high priority strategic initiatives. It also eliminates the cost of another full-time employee on payroll—and the high overhead and employee benefit expenses associated with it.

Using outsourced content writing services is a great option if you need flexibility. Writer outsourcing gives you a resource that can hop on projects when needed. This is especially ideal if you don’t require 40 hours of content creation per week.

Your writing projects will be the primary focus of the outsourced writers. This means they’ll be able to get the work done in a timely manner rather than off the side of their desk during a rare moment of downtime.

How to find your next writer

Fast-track your search. Find out which 4 places to look for your next B2B content marketing writer.

Nail the writer interview

Whether you outsource or hire in-house, selecting the right person comes down to a successful interview. Find out what interview questions you need to ask.

Have you had a frustrating experience with a writer?

Whether you use outsourced writers or in-house writers, you’ve likely all had experience working with a writer who just didn’t get it. They didn’t ask questions or take the initiative to do the necessary research to understand your company, audience, products and key messages.

Unfortunately, these kinds of situations lead to off-brand content that misses the mark. It also leads to frustrated marketing teams that have to spend way too much time editing the content—and a lack of results.

Set yourself (and your writer) up for success

To ensure your next experience is positive, help your new B2B SaaS writer get onboarded quickly and efficiently by downloading our customizable onboarding tool. This tool will give them all the information they need to hit the ground running.

Originally published April 28, 2020. Updated December 14, 2021.

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