13 October 2020

Promoting Content on LinkedIn: 6 Tips for SaaS

As a seasoned B2B SaaS marketer, you’re probably well aware that ebooks and white papers are powerful tools for driving leads and sales. These types of lead magnets enable you to wow your readers with actionable takeaways while promoting your products and services. But, to get the most mileage from your content, you need to amplify its reach by promoting content on LinkedIn.

Why promoting content on LinkedIn is a smart move

LinkedIn lead generation is an essential part of your B2B SaaS marketing strategy. Promoting content on LinkedIn such as ebooks and white papers is an excellent way to reach your target audience and increase the chances that your lead magnet will be effective, getting you email addresses for your list, and eventually, sales.

Research shows that 45% of B2B marketers have landed sales from LinkedIn. It pays to understand how to promote content on LinkedIn because this platform is a rich source of leads. Compared to Facebook, LinkedIn generates almost 300% more leads.

Another bonus is that LinkedIn doesn’t limit the reach of posts that drive away from the platform (for example, to an ebook landing page) the way Facebook does. This feature makes promoting content on LinkedIn a no-brainer for SaaS marketers who want to get more eyeballs on their carefully crafted lead magnets.

How to promote content on LinkedIn

1. Create a series of posts about your lead magnet

Promoting content on LinkedIn is all about delivering educational value to your readers. The posts you create to generate hype about your lead magnet should highlight various points of interest within the content. Your LinkedIn posts should also clearly communicate the benefits your readers will get when they download your lead magnet.

Be sure to include an image or graphic that will catch your audience’s attention and a link to your lead magnet in all of your posts.

2. Use video to promote your lead magnet

Part of knowing how to promote content on LinkedIn includes understanding the platform’s algorithm, which prioritizes video. Record a short video that promotes your lead magnet and post it on LinkedIn to increase your chances of getting social shares.

3. Post about your lead magnet in groups

LinkedIn lead generation is all about engaging in relevant, meaningful conversations with the community on this platform. Share information about your lead magnet in groups that you know will find it useful. Remember, the LinkedIn audience is actively seeking insights and solutions.

4. Repost your content from tips 1 and 2

“You absolutely need to repost content on LinkedIn if you want to take full advantage of the Pulse algorithm,” says content marketing expert Neil Patel, who recommends reposting content a few times a day.

As a busy SaaS marketer, you likely don’t have all day to spend promoting content on LinkedIn, so it’s worth investing in a social media solution that will automate this work for you and help you get the word out about your lead magnet frequently.

5. Use paid advertising to promote your lead magnet

It never hurts to put a little money behind your LinkedIn lead generation efforts. In fact, 65% of B2B marketers use the platform to run advertising campaigns.

Allocate a budget to promote your lead magnet, and create an advertising strategy that is targeted to your audience based on industry, company size and even job title if you want to get super specific. Then, monitor your campaign performance and adjust as needed.

6. Mine your data

Now that you’ve shared your lead magnet far and wide on LinkedIn, it’s time to dig into your data to evaluate how your posts and ads performed. This process will help you gain valuable insight around which content drove clicks to your lead magnet landing page, and which content simply generated vanity metrics such as likes.

Download Uplift’s content promotion checklist

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