9 April 2019

Use Powerful Testimonials in Your SaaS Case Studies

In SaaS case studies, as in most content, no one wants to hear you ramble on about how great you are. Prospects are, however, very interested in what your customer thinks about you. Enter the case study testimonial.

Case study testimonials are the money quotes. They are attention-grabbers.

A testimonial is the customer telling the world that they enjoyed working with you, the results were dramatic and they recommend your services to others.

Not just any quote pulled from an interview is going to work well as a case study testimonial. The quotes you choose to highlight should be specific, and resonant. “It’s great and I’m happy!” convinces no one. The testimonial must have detail that brings it to life:

bamboohr testimonials SaaS case studies

Kim’s quote is descriptive and explains how BambooHR specifically benefited her. The big, quality photo of a happy customer makes it really stand out. This is a real person, someone we can trust to tell it like it is.

Use the quote with the most impact as a callout in your case study design. Separate it from the text, increase the font and catch the reader’s eye with colour and other design elements. Include a pro headshot of the person speaking. This increases visibility, relatability and trustworthiness.

A slightly smaller headshot is an option, though it provides slightly less impact:

higherlogic testimonials SaaS case studies

Although the headshot is small, it, along with the statistic, makes this testimonial work. Light editing to shorten and tighten the quote would make it even better.

Great quotes from real customers can also be used elsewhere on your website, in social media and in other marketing and sales material.

Note, though, that a photo of a person does not automatically ensure a trustworthy testimonial. Take a look at these 2 examples:

higherlogic testimonials SaaS case studies

Too over-the-top, too perfect—with big numbers, no believable detail and photos that don’t inspire anything except an eyeroll.

It’s all too easy to write a fake testimonial, and there’s too many of them out there. Take the time to make yours credible. Your next customers will notice.

Take a minute to post the best case study testimonial your company’s received in the comments below.

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Emily Amos
Emily Amos

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