12 June 2018

6 SaaS Customer Retention Strategies: Make Your Content Work For You

Most of us know that keeping customers is just as important as landing new ones. But did you know that SaaS customer retention is actually much more valuable than winning new customers?

Studies have shown that keeping just one loyal customer can be worth the same as getting 6 to 7 new accounts. Because of this, companies are putting more effort into analyzing SaaS customer retention, and figuring out how to keep customers from jumping ship.

With that in mind, SaaS companies can benefit from thinking about how great content keeps customers loyal to their brand. Here are 6 ways to do this:

1. Customer onboarding: start out on the right foot

When SaaS companies talk about customer onboarding, they often use the phrase ‘high touch’ onboarding—the idea is that by using a concierge approach, the SaaS company helps each customer successfully adopt and implement the solution, often delivered through content.

Customers have a lot to learn when getting started with a new software. They want to know that a SaaS company has the skills and knowledge base to offer competitive products and competent support.

The idea with high touch onboarding is that you reach out with useful content as soon as customers start engaging with your SaaS company. Through content, you take the proactive steps needed to help customers implement your software and build a relationship that can extend your customer lifecycle and improve SaaS customer retention.

2. For greater SaaS customer retention, be clear about your value

“Why did your customer become a customer in the first place?” asks Neil Patel in a much-cited customer retention strategy piece. There are concrete reasons that customers like your company’s SaaS products. Make sure that you know what they are, and talk about them directly.

Reinforcing value propositions is something that SaaS companies need to do throughout the customer lifecycle. By emphasizing these messages, you reassure your target audience that they’ve made a good decision in partnering with you. This will grow trust and encourage SaaS customer retention.

3. Schedule content to keep it flowing consistently

Here’s one thing that lots of companies forget when it comes to a SaaS customer retention strategy—you don’t want to leave customers hanging for too long.

Consistency and scheduling can add a lot to an email marketing campaign or other type of channel marketing. Looking at each resource as a part of something greater enables a better long-term vision.

For instance, if you have a good, solid white paper, how does that fit into a long-term effort to keep a site refreshed and a customer engaged? What’s the “relationship” between various marketing pieces?

When companies commit to an ongoing content strategy, they’re showing customers that they’ll always be there for them with useful and valuable content that helps them overcome their challenges—thereby gaining both their loyalty and increasing the chances of great SaaS customer retention.

4. Research the right content platforms for your SaaS company

Another major way to improve SaaS customer retention is to make sure that your content is presented in the right channels.

For a SaaS software company, this might involve using Facebook or LinkedIn as its primary channels, or moving to other, more audience-specific channels like Spiceworks or TechMap that cater to professionals in the tech community.

Find out what channels to use by doing your research—look at metrics for the platforms you’re considering. The point is that channels matter, and what works for one sector (or even one company) may not work in another. With SaaS customer retention, you’re trying to keep customers who have an intricate knowledge of specific tech topics – so gear content toward those, and use the channels that seem best to really connect with a particular audience.

5. Reward customers for engaging with content

In some ways, you can “train” your customers to engage with your SaaS company. This can easily be taken the wrong way. Customers aren’t pets that can be manipulated with a carrot or a stick. However, if we say it a different way, it makes more sense: when your content is valuable, people get a reward for taking the time to read it.

Instead of just telling customers about new features, provide your customers with a consistent flow of useful information that helps them do their job better—and makes their lives easier. Think outside the box, and your customers will love you for it (and your boss will love the increase in SaaS customer retention).

6. Write relatable content—even in the tech world

SaaS can be a dry, technical field. You’re not posting recipes or talking about great vacations. You’re discussing things like cloud gateways, encryption, authentication, and algorithms.

To keep customers interested and engaged, make it relatable—tell great stories of how other customers have been successful with your software. Educate them on other use cases that might be helpful in a variety of industries. Use powerful quotes and testimonials.

By inserting real people and real companies into your content, you immediately start to develop deeper, more trusting relationships with your customers. This will ensure your SaaS customer retention goals are met—and then some.

Excellent outreach with well-crafted marketing content

These are just a few of the time-tested strategies for creating great content that provides value and leads to great SaaS customer retention for your company.

Uplift Content writes case studies, ebooks and white papers for high-growth SaaS companies like Okta, WalkMe and LeanData. Check out our content writing services if you’d like a hand.

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Emily Amos
Emily Amos

As the founder of Uplift Content, Emily leads teams in creating done-for-you case studies, ebooks and white papers for high-growth SaaS companies. Check out her bio.

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