7 December 2021

9 Best Types of Blog Posts for SaaS Lead Generation

Your B2B SaaS blog needs a constant stream of content. But while sticking to just one or two types of blog posts might be tempting, diversifying your blog content will help your ideal customers find you. 

Using different types of SaaS blog posts does more than simply drive traffic to your SaaS site. More varied blog content lets you harness many of the other benefits of SaaS blogging so you can:

  • raise brand awareness 
  • establish your company as a thought leader
  • educate potential and existing customers
  • build trust and credibility
  • generate leads

Use different types of blog posts to up your game

Bottom line? Readers want variety—and your SaaS blog strategy needs to reflect that. And there’s a further benefit to diversifying your posts: different types of SaaS blog posts lend themselves better to certain situations or topics.

In this post, we’ll show you the best types of blog posts to write for your SaaS blog, along with examples of these blog post types from other SaaS companies to inspire your brainstorming process.

1. ‘How-to guide’ blog posts

77% of bloggers list ‘how-to guide’ blog posts as their most popular type of content, according to SEMRush. And there’s a good reason for this. When most people want to solve a particular problem, they immediately go online for help. And that’s where your ‘how-to guide’ post comes into play. 

As a SaaS marketer, you know what your target audience’s pain points are. Structure your ‘how-to guide’ posts as long-form blog posts that clearly outline an action plan for your readers. By helping them tackle their pain points, you’ll gain their trust and enhance your credibility. And when they find themselves faced with a problem they can’t fix themselves? You’ll be top of mind.  

How-to guide’ blog posts from other B2B SaaS companies:

2. Thought leadership blog posts

Thought leadership blog posts are one of the best types of blog posts to build brand awareness and establish your authority. How powerful are thought leadership posts? 89% of B2B decision makers say that thought leadership positively affects their perception of a company. Despite this, thought leadership content is often overlooked by B2B marketers. If this is the case for your SaaS blog, it’s time to rethink your use of thought leadership blog posts.  

Every SaaS company has subject matter experts who each have their own wealth of knowledge. Whether it’s predictions, trends or opinions on important issues, you can tap into this knowledge for content that positions your brand as an industry thought leader. From the in-depth product research you’ve done to your knowledge of your customers’ core needs, you’re well positioned to provide the substantial answers your audience is searching for. 

Thought leadership blog posts from other B2B SaaS companies: 

3. Webinar blog posts

A webinar blog post is a great way to promote your upcoming webinar or continue educating your customers once the event is over. In fact, much of the information provided in a webinar can be repurposed into a webinar blog post—or several. 

Summarizing the key takeaways of a webinar in a recap post is just one of many ways to repurpose your webinar content. Other types of webinar blog posts you can explore include:

  • a series of video blog posts featuring short webinar clips
  • posts highlighting key questions from the Q&A portion of the webinar
  • a blog series driven by short, but significant webinar quotes

With webinar blog posts, you’ll get double duty out of the work that’s already gone into producing the webinar.

Webinar blog posts from other B2B SaaS companies: 

4. Product blog posts

When it comes to different types of blog posts, the product blog post is a great way to showcase your SaaS product. By highlighting your product’s features and benefits, you can give customers a closer look at how your product can effectively tackle their pain points. 

But you can use product blog posts in several other ways, too. For example, your product blog post can:

  • create anticipation for new features 
  • announce upcoming product updates
  • highlight your product by comparing it to a rival product
  • position your product as a top product in a list of “best products”

Product blog posts from other B2B SaaS companies:

5. Q&A blog posts

Q&A blog posts are interview-style posts that feature your own in-house subject matter experts or industry leaders from outside of your company. These types of posts are a powerful way to build your SaaS brand’s authority. They position your SaaS blog as the place your target market can go for trustworthy, one-of-a-kind information from expert sources. 

In addition to developing trust and credibility, the Q&A blog post is also great for SEO. An ideal Q&A post focuses on the specific questions your readers have around their pain points. The result? A SaaS blog post that’s rich with the keywords that matter most to your audience. 

Q&A blog posts from other B2B SaaS companies:

6. Roundup blog posts

Roundup blog posts have been around for a long time, and they remain one of the most effective types of blog posts. In fact, roundup blog posts are the top performing type of blog post among bloggers in 2021, according to Orbit Media

But just because the roundup post is mainstream, it doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Here are just some of the topics that work well for SaaS roundup blog posts:

  • apps and tools
  • user or expert tips
  • recent statistics 
  • industry tactics
  • examples of results
  • conference takeaways

And depending on the topic of your post—a collection of tips, for example—your roundup post can also be a great evergreen blog post. 

Roundup blog posts from other B2B SaaS companies:

7. Listicle blog posts

Listicle blog posts are another popular type of SaaS blog post. According to the New Yorker, the popularity of list articles stems from the following:

  • headlines that feature numbers work because they capture our attention more effectively
  • once our attention is captured, the listicle headline provides just enough information to entice us to click
  • the list format takes advantage of the fact that our brains prefer to process information spatially
  • the list format also optimizes our retention of information by presenting the information in chunks

Ultimately, readers like listicles because they know they’ll be quick to read and easy to digest. And one surefire way to develop SaaS listicle post ideas? Focus on your market’s pain points and you’ll discover listicle ideas for everything from tips and tricks to what not to do. 

Listicle blog posts from other B2B SaaS companies:

8. ‘A day in the life’ blog posts

‘A day in the life’ blog posts offer your audience a look behind the scenes at what day-to-day life is like at your company. This kind of personal approach not only builds trust, it humanizes the face of your company. This can be particularly beneficial when you’re recruiting new talent. 

These types of blog posts often center around job positions. For example, if you’re looking to add more members to your tech support team, showing the “day in the life” of a tech support team member can help you attract more candidates. 

‘A day in the life’ blog posts also work well for prospects and customers. By taking your readers on a behind-the-scenes tour that shows how and where your employees work, you’re essentially welcoming them and helping them to feel like they’re a part of your company. 

An added benefit of ‘a day in the life’ posts? They can enhance employee engagement. Employees are more likely to share and comment on posts that feature themselves or their coworkers.

‘A day in the life’ blog posts from other B2B SaaS companies:

9. Video blog posts

Video blog posts are a powerful way to increase reader engagement. Videos add visual impact to your post, helping to break up long sections of text. Videos in posts also increase the likelihood your audience will stay and engage with your content by clicking on and watching the videos themselves. And if your target market includes Millennials or Gen Z, video blog posts should be one of your go-to blog content formats for SaaS.

Another benefit of a blog post with video specific to the SaaS space? Video blog posts can have a significant impact on sales and downloads. For example, 79% of people surveyed by Wyzowl say they were persuaded to download an app or software because of a video they watched.

Going from blog post to video blog post doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are 3 ways you can create video blog posts for your SaaS blog: 

  1. Turn your blog post into video. Create a video based on your post and embed it into the body of your post. 
  2. Leverage explainer videos. Embed your explainer video in a blog post, accompanied by text setting out a summary or key takeaways from your video. 
  3. Use demonstration videos. Blog posts featuring demo videos are a great way to show what your product or service can do.

Video blog posts from other B2B SaaS companies:

Use different types of blog posts to diversify your content

From creating new blog content to updating existing content, these 9 different types of blog posts will help form a solid foundation for your SaaS blog.

Feeling overloaded? Let us help. 

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