7 February 2024

Video Testimonial Software: Top 5 Tools for SaaS

Video testimonials influence purchasing decisions every day. In fact, 77% of people who have watched a company’s testimonial video say that it has played a role in convincing them to buy the product or service. But with a plethora of video testimonial software tools out there, how do you choose the right one for your SaaS company? 

In this post, we’ll walk you through the top 5 video testimonial software contenders: Vocal Video, VideoAsk, Vouch, ShoutOut and Laudable.

Top 5 video testimonial software tools for SaaS

Video testimonial software option 1: Vocal Video

Vocal Video

Vocal Video is an all-in-one platform for collecting, editing, publishing and sharing testimonial and review videos. It simplifies the process of capturing authentic video feedback from customers, employees, influencers and other key audiences, helping businesses build trust and boost conversions.

Best for: Small businesses, marketing agencies and enterprise companies

Notable clients: Google, Dropbox, Unbounce

Features and benefits

  • Easy video collection
  • Automatic video production
  • Intuitive editing tools
  • Beautiful galleries and embeddable video players
  • Integrations with Slack, Google Docs and Salesforce
  • A free plan


  • Limited customization options
  • No transcription or translation features


Vocal Video offers a free plan, a $39/month Plus plan for small teams, a $119/month Pro plan for advanced branding and custom pricing for large organizations.

Video testimonial software option 2: VideoAsk


VideoAsk is an all-in-one platform that simplifies the process of gathering video testimonials, conducting asynchronous interviews and fostering engaging conversations. It’s ideal for small business owners, marketing managers and HR professionals looking to collect video testimonials.

Best for: Businesses of all sizes

Notable clients: HubSpot, Grammarly, Canva

Features and benefits

  • Easy video collection
  • Automatic response capture
  • Customization and branding options
  • Integrations with Slack, Google Docs, Salesforce and other tools


  • Limited AI capabilities
  • Editing constraints


Flexible pricing with monthly or yearly billing options. Monthly plans start at $0/month and yearly plans start at $24/month. 

Video testimonial software option 3: Vouch


Vouch helps businesses collect and share impactful video testimonials from their customers. It’s a user-friendly tool for boosting credibility and conversions with customer stories.

Best for: Tech companies, teams and large organizations

Notable clients: Amazon, Canva, Cisco 

Features and benefits

  • AI-powered recording
  • Customizable experience
  • Share everywhere
  • Video or screen recording
  • Calendar reminders 


  • Text-based questions
  • Unnecessary contact addition


Starts at $600/month or $7,200/year. Custom pricing and support is available to larger businesses.

Video testimonial software option 4: ShoutOut


ShoutOut allows businesses to collect, curate and convert authentic video testimonials. It also simplifies the process of leveraging social proof to boost conversions and brand advocacy.

Best for: Entrepreneurs and creators

Notable clients: Fiverr, Upwork, Guru

Features and benefits

  • Automated video production
  • Cloud-based collaboration
  • Template-based workflow
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Video gallery and playlists
  • Text and name captions


  • Limited customization options
  • Limited widget embeds


Ranges from $12/month for a basic plan to $13600/year for an enterprise plan.

Video testimonial software option 5: Laudable


Laudable helps businesses find and leverage customer proof to win more deals. It offers two main solutions: video testimonial services and auto stories software, a tool for “unlocking customer stories hiding in your call recordings.” It’s a great option for B2B companies looking to leverage customer proof to boost sales and marketing.

Best for: B2B companies, especially those with sales teams that rely on customer success stories

Notable clients: Mailchimp, Hootsuite, SEMrush

Features and benefits

  • Happy customer discovery integrations (Gong, NPS, reviews, intake form)
  • Branded video design template
  • B-roll
  • Raw footage
  • Platform seats


  • More expensive than other options
  • Limited customization


Starts at $22,500/year for 8 interviews and 16 videos.

What is video testimonial software?

Video testimonial software simplifies collecting, editing and showcasing happy customers in the form of reviews, testimonials and case studies. It helps you capture, edit and share powerful stories for your brand.

With the right video testimonial software, you can:

  • Send automated email requests for video submissions
  • Offer simple recording options for your customers
  • Add branding and captions to your testimonials
  • Share them seamlessly across your marketing channels

How to select the right video testimonial software

3 criteria for choosing testimonial software

Choosing the right video testimonial software can be overwhelming with so many options on the market. But by focusing on just three key criteria, you can streamline your search and find the perfect match for your needs.

1. Tailored workflow and customization

Why it matters: Every business has its unique process for capturing and using testimonials. Look for software that adapts to your workflow, not the other way around. This includes features like:

  • Automated email invites: Save time by sending automated, yet personalized, requests for video submissions.
  • Flexible recording options: Allow customers to record on their preferred device.
  • Intuitive editing tools: Easily add branding, captions and music to enhance your testimonials.
  • Customizable dashboards: Organize your video library according to your specific needs.

2. Comprehensive insights and analytics

Why it matters: Data is your friend. Go beyond collecting testimonials and gain valuable insights into customer sentiment and engagement. Look for software that offers:

  • Advanced analytics: Track views, clicks and conversions across different channels.
  • Sentiment analysis: Understand the emotional tone of your testimonials and identify areas for improvement.
  • A/B testing: Experiment with different video formats and CTAs to optimize your results.
  • Reporting features: Generate detailed reports to share with stakeholders and measure ROI.

3. Seamless integration and scalability

Why it matters: Your testimonial software shouldn’t exist in a silo. Choose a tool that easily integrates with your existing martech stack and can grow alongside your business. Consider:

  • Third-party integrations: Connect easily with CRMs, email marketing tools and social media.
  • Scalable plans: Choose a subscription that adapts to your budget and future needs.
  • API access: For advanced users, consider the ability to build custom integrations for specific workflows.

Why is video testimonial software important?

Video testimonial software is important because it helps automate components of the video testimonial process. It speeds up the delivery of a final video, and it is a smoother user experience for both you and your customer.

Why are video testimonials important? 

5 ways video testimonials benefit your company

Video testimonials can benefit your sales and marketing initiatives in the following ways:

1. Boost credibility

Authentic customer voices build trust and rapport far faster than any sales pitch. They humanize your brand and validate your claims.

2. Develop emotional connection

Seeing real people benefiting from your product triggers empathy and desire, making your brand relatable and desirable. It shows how your product solves real problems and improves people’s lives.

3. Provide social proof

When your customers sing your praises, doubts vanish and confidence swells. Testimonials showcase social proof, reassuring potential customers that your product delivers value.

4. Showcase impact

Video testimonials show your product’s real impact through happy customers. They demonstrate powerful features and tangible benefits, building trust and credibility by showing concrete results. This proves your product’s value and directly drives sales.

5. Increase engagement

Video testimonials are inherently more engaging than text, grabbing attention and holding it, leading to higher conversion rates. They keep viewers invested and eager to learn more.

How do you make a video testimonial?

Crafting a compelling video testimonial doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Here’s a simple roadmap to success:

1. Choose your tool

Opt for video testimonial software with features like automated invites, easy recording options and intuitive editing tools. This simplifies the process and saves you time.

2. Identify your heros

Select satisfied customers who embody your target audience and can authentically share their positive experiences. Think beyond just happy clients; consider showcasing customers facing specific challenges your product or service solved.

3. Craft compelling questions

Prepare open-ended questions that guide the conversation without sounding scripted. Focus on uncovering their pain points, the solutions they purchased and the financial and emotional impact of the results. 

4. Record and edit

Good video testimonial software streamlines recording and editing. It also includes simple built-in tools for capturing and polishing testimonials.

5. Share and amplify

Publish the video testimonial across your website, social media channels and marketing materials. Encourage viewers to engage with the story and learn more about your offerings.

How do you encourage customers to participate in video testimonials?

4 ways to get customers to participate in a video testimonial

You can encourage customers to participate in video testimonials in the following ways:

1. Reach out proactively

Send personalized emails or in-app messages inviting satisfied customers to share their experiences.

2. Incentivize participation

Offer discounts, gift cards or swag to encourage participation.

3. Make it easy

Use video testimonial software that simplifies the recording and submission process for your customers.

4. Respond and engage

Thank customers for their feedback and respond to their comments to build stronger relationships.

Remember, the most powerful testimonials are genuine and authentic. Focus on capturing real stories of customer success and let the power of their voices do the selling for you.

Need a written customer story to go with your video?

Your prospects and leads absorb information in different ways. Some like to watch a video testimonial while others prefer to read a customer story. 

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