3 June 2024

9 White Paper Examples to Inspire Your Next White Paper

White paper examples are an excellent source of inspiration and guidance when creating a white paper of your own. They can help you explore different potential layouts and determine which elements to include in your content asset. 

Insights from looking at others’ white papers are extremely valuable, as it can be tough to create a white paper from scratch—especially if you are working on your first white paper. 

To help, we’ve rounded up nine white paper examples to inspire and guide you.

We’ll cover the following topics in this post:

White paper examples: why are they important to look at?

White paper examples can provide content marketers with inspiration by showcasing innovative ideas and effective formats. The examples offer a glimpse into what works well, helping you to craft engaging and persuasive content.

Additionally, examples of white papers help marketers identify which elements you should include in your own white papers, increasing the likelihood that your white paper will be effective.

White paper examples by audience

It’s important to consider the target audiences when looking at examples of a white paper. After all, different audiences have different needs. The most effective white papers are tailored to their specific target audience’s preferences.

To help you make the most of our white paper examples, we’ve organized them into three categories:

1. Technical white paper examples

White papers aimed at decision-makers who manage their organization’s technology or oversee technical teams, including chief technology officers (CTOs).

2. Business white paper examples

White papers written for C-suite executives, including chief operating officers (COOs) or chief financial officers (CFOs).

3. Marketing white paper examples

White papers aimed at managers in marketing, operations and sales departments.

While it can still be helpful to look at white paper examples written for any target audience, we recommend you begin by looking at examples that correspond to your white paper’s target audience.

Technical white paper examples

Our technical white paper examples include white papers written for CTOs and other technical decision-makers. Since these employees evaluate software solutions to find the best fit, they need to understand how each technology works and how it is implemented. As a result, these technical white paper examples are generally lengthier and more detail-oriented than white papers for other audiences.

White paper example #1: GitHub

How to get started with GitHub Enterprise Cloud

29 pages; 7,900 words

GitHub white paper example

This GitHub white paper example outlines 11 high-level steps that companies need to take to get started with GitHub’s Enterprise Cloud solution. The content provides a clear implementation roadmap and features many diagrams to help guide readers through the process. The visuals also help readers stay engaged.

Purpose: This technical white paper is a bottom-of-funnel resource meant to show CTOs how straightforward it is to implement GitHub Enterprise Cloud, thus minimizing their objections to purchasing the solution.

See GitHub technical white paper example

White paper example #2: Alteryx

AWS + Snowflake + Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform: Technical Guide

18 pages; 4,000 words

Alteryx  white paper example

This Alteryx technical white paper example provides detailed steps for connecting and configuring your Amazon Web Services instance with Snowflake and Alteryx. It also includes a variety of diagrams and graphics to help readers visualize each step.

Purpose: The white paper shows technical employees how a unified tech stack can benefit their organization, plus it walks them through the setup process. This document is likely used to cross-sell or upsell Alteryx’s services to existing customers.

See Alteryx technical white paper example

White paper example #3: Crowdstrike

Application Security Posture Management: Securing Cloud-Native Applications at Scale

27 pages; 8,100 words

Crowdstrike white paper example

This Crowdstrike technical white paper gives an overview of the current cloud security landscape and introduces application security posture management (ASPM), the core technology discussed. It also provides detailed guidance on how to operationalize ASPM. 

Purpose: The white paper aims to build a strong business case for adopting ASPM technology, as it demonstrates that implementation is manageable and explains the risks of not adopting ASPM. It serves to push decision-makers toward purchasing Crowdstrike’s ASPM solution.

See CrowdStrike technical white paper example

Business white paper examples

Our business white paper examples include white papers tailored for C-suite executives, including COOs. These leaders are focused on finding the best returns on investment, so they’re interested in white papers that discuss high-level issues and the business case for adopting new technology. 

Business white papers are typically concise and emphasize executive summaries, strategic benefits and potential impacts on an organization.

White paper example #4: HackerOne

The Executive Guide to Human Security Testing

11 pages; 2,400 words

HackerOne white paper example

This example of a white paper from HackerOne offers a look at human security testing. It provides reputable statistics to highlight the risks of security inaction and the benefits of implementing human security testing. 

It also outlines HackerOne’s human security testing management service and discusses use cases. The inclusion of company photography makes the white paper feel more personalized and authentic.

Purpose: This business white paper example builds a high-level business case for considering HackerOne’s human security testing management service. Likely targeting the middle to bottom of the sales funnel, it aims to persuade executives of the solution’s value and urgency.

See HackerOne business white paper example

White paper example #5: Azure

Digital Transformation and the Art of the Possible: An Innovation Opportunity with SAP and Microsoft

15 pages; 3,200 words

Azure white paper example

This Azure white paper example encourages business leaders to embrace digital transformation so that their business stays competitive, rather than being left behind. Although its dense text and stock images are not ideal, the business white paper example includes a persuasive customer video testimonial. Additionally, the white paper’s infographics help make its contents easier to digest.

Purpose: The white paper aims to excite executives about the potential benefits of digital transformation. By listing advantages and showcasing how other companies are advancing, it seeks to motivate business leaders to adopt Azure’s solutions and avoid falling behind competitors.

See Azure business white paper example

White paper example #6: Okta

Adaptability Imperative Report

20 pages; 3,100 words

Okta white paper example

This white paper, based on a survey of 100 chief executive officers (CEOs), COOs and CFOs of large global enterprises, explores current business priorities and future challenges. It emphasizes the importance of adaptability for business success, using charts and graphs to present data in an easily digestible format.

Purpose: This business white paper example aims to establish Okta as a thought leader by providing original research and unique insights. 

See Okta business white paper example

Marketing white paper examples

Our marketing white paper examples target managers across various departments, including marketing, sales and operations. Since these managers are actively engaged in day-to-day operations, they seek practical solutions to overcoming challenges and improving performance. As such, marketing white papers are usually concise, address specific pain points and offer specific strategies for success.

White paper example #7: Cvent

Scaling Your Event Program for ROI

13 pages; 2,100 words

Cvent white paper example

This example of a white paper describes how to scale event programs while maximizing ROI and efficiency. It includes original research conducted by Forrester, so the document is especially valuable to readers. It also positions Cvent as a thought leader. Charts and graphs facilitate readers’ understanding.

Purpose: This marketing white paper example aims to establish Cvent as a go-to solution and thought leader in the event marketing space by offering insights and original research.

See Cvent marketing white paper example

White paper example #8: Fleetio

Budgeting 101 for Fleet Managers

11 pages; 2,400 words

Fleetio white paper example

This marketing white paper example provides practical information on how fleet managers can monitor costs through better fleet financial planning. It includes Q&As, pros and cons and examples, ensuring high value for its intended audience. 

The white paper also features infographics, charts and design elements to help readers stay engaged and better understand the content.

Purpose: This marketing white paper example serves as a top-of-funnel resource for fleet managers who are just becoming aware of their budgeting challenges. It aims to engage and educate them, positioning Fleetio as a valuable resource early in their problem-solving journey.

See Fleetio marketing white paper example

White paper example #9: MessageGears

14 Strategies to Deliver Moments-based Messaging at the Enterprise Level

5 pages; 1,200 words

MessageGears white paper example

This hybrid marketing white paper example combines a how-to guide and checklist to deliver interactive and engaging content. It also provides clear steps to deliver moments-based messaging and offers helpful examples, making it a practical reference document.

Purpose: This white paper serves as a top-of-funnel resource for an audience seeking tips on solving specific messaging challenges. It aims to engage and educate potential customers while positioning MessageGears as a solution provider for their issues.

See MessageGears marketing white paper example

White paper examples offer valuable insights

White paper examples are an excellent way to gain inspiration before creating your next white paper. Remember, it can be especially helpful to look at white papers that are tailored for your target audience since each group has its own preferences and needs.

That said, while the white paper examples discussed earlier offer valuable insights, they are just a starting point. You can check out our comprehensive guide to creating a white paper for more advice on how to write a white paper that resonates with your audience. 

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