Case Studies for SaaS

Turn customer success stories into a powerful sales tool

When companies think about investing in a SaaS tool, they do two things:

  1. Read online reviews to see what others are saying about it
  2. Ask friends and colleagues for recommendations

Case studies address both by providing the social proof people want before investing in your SaaS tool. They need to know that the tool is valuable and will solve their problem.

Use case studies to build your credibility and show prospects how they could be successful too.

Why you shouldn’t write case studies yourself

It’s not the best use of your time

It all comes down to opportunity cost. Every minute you spend on the tactical task of writing a case study is a minute you could be spending on more strategic marketing efforts like:

  • promoting your brand
  • fine-tuning your marketing plan
  • analyzing campaign results
  • calculating ROI
  • managing your team

Some questions are hard to ask

It can be hard to interview your own customers to ask probing questions about your company’s performance.

As an unbiased third party, we approach customer interviews with a journalist’s mindset, asking detailed questions and digging deeper to find the best possible story.

And the best part? Customers feel more comfortable sharing their experience with us and providing off-the-cuff, honest answers.

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Why choose Uplift Content?

Strategic thinking: As a multi-disciplined team of strategists and writers, we ensure all of the content we write is tied back to your business goals and your content marketing strategy.

Step-by-step approach: We’ve used our writing process time and again to consistently write high quality case studies that drive leads, earn trust and close deals.

Research: We dig, and then we dig some more. First we ramp up on your company, brand and solution. Then we learn about your customer, your relationship and how you solved their problem.

Interview: We know what questions to ask to get powerful stats and influential quotes. We’ll find out the challenges that led them to you, why they chose you over the competition and why they love working with you.

Results: We help your clients share specific, measurable results that they’ve experienced thanks to your SaaS tool. How? We send them a shortlist of the metrics we’re interested in BEFORE the interview.

Customer comfort: It is our job to alleviate any worries your customers might have at sharing their story. We explain the process so they understand nothing will be published without their permission.

Promotion: We’ll help you market your new case study by writing landing pages, emails, blog posts and social posts you can use to drive traffic to the new case study.

Dedicated team: We aren’t going anywhere. Each week, we’ll learn more about your company, brand, voice, style and solution—and we’ll put all that knowledge to use when writing your case studies on an ongoing basis.

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Who we work with

We work exclusively with established SaaS companies that understand the value great content can bring to their business. In particular, we most often collaborate with:

  • customer marketers
  • product marketers
  • content marketers

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