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Eastlink is a large privately-owned telecommunications company, with cable TV, communications, and wireless customers across the country. It provides services to large enterprises, governments and other institutions.

Eastlink hired Uplift Content to provide fresh web copywriting that better aligned with their business goals and their customers’ needs. The Uplift Content team completed 40 pages of web copywriting from information elicited from a wide range of subject matter experts.

The team teased out the salient features and benefits from existing information and subject matter experts to create compelling web copywriting that resonates with the company’s business clients.

“Uplift Content worked with our business marketing team to help develop and enrich our web content. They’ve done a great job of learning our brand, our complex products and services, and what resonates with our target market. 

 With great questions, a fresh perspective and valuable input, Uplift’s been able to help us discover our core messaging and communicate it consistently across our offerings.

 The Uplift Content team is a pleasure to work with. They’re enthusiastic, research-oriented, clear in their approach, and receptive to feedback. Working with Uplift was a true partnership.”

Jennifer Callbeck, Director of Business Marketing, Eastlink

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