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MagicLamp Software is an IBM Business Partner and leading enterprise content management solution provider, serving clients like Abercrombie & Fitch and Apple.

The software company was going through a rebrand and knew they needed help creating messaging that would resonate with their target market. They hired Uplift Content to write 15 pages of web content on highly complex topics for their new website.

Since very little information existed about this company before the rebrand, the Uplift Content team interviewed the founders at length to elicit the information needed to complete the web content writing project.

As with every web content writing project, Uplift Content took the time to really understand the software company, the products and services, and the audience’s pain points.

The team then took highly complex information and turned it into content that:

  • tells an engaging story for each use case
  • is easily understandable by non-technical people
  • clearly describes the benefits of the products and services
  • explains why MagicLamp is different

“We hired Uplift Content as part of a major rebranding project that included a complete overhaul of our web content and printed sales material.

 At MagicLamp, many of our solutions and products are very technical and complex in nature. The Uplift Content team took the time to really understand our business and create strategic content that was suitable for our target audience.

 Uplift did a fantastic job at accommodating our tight timeline and providing us with content that was a dramatic upgrade from where we were before.

 Besides the excellent content the Uplift team produced, their approach was very professional and responsive. We would certainly look to Uplift Content again as our team is very pleased with their work.”

 Charlie Eisener, Chief Financial Officer, MagicLamp Software

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