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Okta is a technology company that enables businesses and organizations to use identity information to grant people access to applications across any devices, while enforcing strong security protection.

Otka has many happy customers who are more than willing to participate in having a case study written about them. With the help of Uplift Content, Okta has been able to scale their global case study program to cover more industries and products.

“As a content marketing partner, Uplift Content dives deep into the research, asks insightful questions and crafts a compelling story. The Uplift team takes the time to really understand Okta’s brand, products, customers and target audience—and it shows in the quality of their work.”

Alyssa Smrekar, Director of Customer Marketing at Okta

Uplift Content creates 2 to 3 in-depth customer case studies per month for Okta, along with related blog posts and PowerPoint slides.

At around 2,000 words each, these case studies do some heavy lifting for Okta. They help Okta:

  • tell their company story through the voice of the customer
  • illustrate the business value customers realize from implementing the platform
  • drive awareness for their products
  • extend their brand
  • earn trust
  • gain authority

Each case study is written to tell an engaging story that demonstrates the power of their technology. They are told from the customer’s perspective and include quotes that are woven in strategically for social proof. Business value data also helps drive home the benefits of using the Okta Identity Cloud.

“A strong benefit of working with the Uplift team is that they are great at teasing out key messaging from many sources of information and pulling it together into one cohesive story from start to finish.”

Morgan Asher, Customer Reference Manager at Okta

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