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2023 SaaS Case Study Report

Trends and Insights for Customer Marketers

Case studies: still the #1 marketing tactic to increase sales

As a sales tool, a well-crafted and repurposable SaaS case study is hard to beat. Almost every SaaS company publishes case studies to demonstrate the real-world benefits of their products by showcasing the success stories of their customers.

But what exactly makes a great SaaS case study?

We surveyed 123 SaaS marketers in December 2022 to gather their insights and experiences with case studies. The results shed new light on the value of SaaS case studies and how customer marketers are using them to shorten sales cycles and maximize ROI.

In this report: Answers to your top case study questions

  • How many SaaS case studies do you really need?
  • Should you incentivize your sales folks to identify case study participants?
  • What popular case study formats should you try in 2023?
  • How can you get more meaningful metrics?
  • Are case studies recession-proof?

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