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Coming up with fresh ideas is tough

As a SaaS marketer, you’re under huge pressure to produce a consistent flow of high quality, high performing content. But how many times can you talk about the same topic?

Try this content ideation tool

It’s hard to come up with new topic ideas that will resonate with your audience. That’s why we created this content ideation tool—a worksheet that walks you through our topic ideation process as if we were sitting around a table brainstorming together.

What you’ll find in this worksheet

  • 9 questions you need to ask yourself to create fresh new content that drives traffic, leads and sales
  • Real-life examples of answers from other SaaS marketers that will help you get clear on the content you need to create
  • Tools to help you speed up the research process and identify topics that will resonate with your audience

New ideas that will hit the mark

Use this topic ideation tool to find topics your audience wants to read about.

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