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As a small but mighty SaaS content marketing agency, we work with high-growth software companies, like ClickUp, WalkMe and Okta, to lift their voice and tell their story.

Our content marketing agency for SaaS is able to extend the reach of your existing team in a consistent and scalable way. We pride ourselves in fitting seamlessly into your workflow to deliver big-picture thinking and engaging content writing services.

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Meet our writers and SaaS content marketers

Our SaaS content marketing agency hand-selects writers with backgrounds in journalism, years of writing experience and proven expertise in eliciting and telling an engaging human story about a technical topic.

And with their experience in B2B SaaS, they understand your customers’ challenges and aspirations—which comes through in every sentence they write.

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Writing samples

High-growth companies like LeanData, ON24 and Okta come to our B2B SaaS content marketing agency for high quality blog posts, ebooks and case studies. Check out our portfolio for samples.

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What to look for in a SaaS content marketing agency

Content marketing is a long game so it’s important you partner with a SaaS content marketing agency that cares about you and your success. To choose the best agency for you, it’s important to consider the following:

1. Expertise

The best content marketing agency can demonstrate its expertise in your niche through work examples and social proof.

Check out our case studies and portfolio.

2. People

You want to work with a SaaS content marketing agency that you can trust—one that believes in transparency, respect and trust.

Meet our team of experienced SaaS writers.

3. Processes

Any agency worth its salt will have a firmly established set of processes, systems and workflows to ensure you receive the best possible results—and customer experience.

We are continually fine-tuning our process for the best outcomes. See our process below.

A strong benefit of working with the Uplift Content team is that they are great at teasing out key messaging from many sources of information and pulling it together into one cohesive story from start to finish.

Morgan Asher, Customer Reference Manager, Okta Read our customer stories »
Morgan Asher

What to expect when you work with our SaaS content marketing agency

Content writing for B2B SaaS is tough, but we’ve got you covered. We’re a boutique SaaS content marketing agency with a track record of success with high-growth software companies like Okta and WalkMe. We differentiate ourselves in 6 important ways:

SaaS focus

In the rapidly-evolving world of tech, you need a SaaS content marketing agency that “gets it”. We focus on B2B SaaS and understand its challenges and advantages.


Fitting seamlessly into your workflow, our content marketing agency for SaaS has specific processes that save you time by providing a systematic approach to content creation.


Before any strategy or writing project, we take the time to dig deep into your business by researching your culture, software, competitors and target audience.


Our content marketing agency for B2B SaaS creates marketing collateral that your prospects want to read—through the power of storytelling and connection.

Project management

We track and manage all the content delivery details so you don’t have to—everything from information gathering and interviews to stakeholder reviews and approvals.

Quality control

For every writing project with our SaaS content marketing agency, you’ll have a writer and an editor working on your content to ensure it’s on-target, engaging and accurate.

Is our SaaS content marketing agency a good fit for you?

Uplift Content’s B2B writing services are the right fit for you if:

  • you value well-researched, accurate and engaging content 
  • you want to work with a partner who cares about your success as much as you do
  • you need someone who “gets it”
  • you want someone who can dive right in and run with it
  • you understand the impact quality content has on revenue growth

On the other hand, our content writing services are not for you if:

  • you’re okay with a faceless, voiceless service provider
  • you prefer volume over quality
  • you expect to pay bottom dollar 
  • you hope we can start working on it tomorrow

Partner with our SaaS content marketing agency

Uplift Content’s case study, ebook and blog post writing services can help you create killer content that converts leads to sales.

We’ll help you share your untold success stories and showcase how your products enable your customers to solve tough problems.

With our B2B SaaS content marketing agency on your team, you can get on with the 101 other tasks on your plate, knowing that we’re taking care of your content.

When I started at ClickUp, we had basically zero customer stories. I was under a lot of pressure to produce stories quickly to support our marketing and sales enablement efforts.

Working with Uplift has been a game-changer for us! We’ve been able to scale our strategic customer story output 3x since partnering with Uplift.

Tiffany Keel, Head of Customer Advocacy, ClickUp
Tiffany Keel

How to hire a SaaS content marketing agency

1. Determine your content marketing goals.

What KPIs will you track and measure?

2. Identify what you want help with.

What type of content? How many pieces? What cadence? What topics? What length?

3. Find your place on the quality vs cost scale.

Is high-quality content your priority? Or would you prefer lower-quality content for less?

4. Secure your budget.

How much do you have to spend on your content initiatives?

5. Research agencies.

Do they specialize in the type of content you need? Do they have experience in your niche?

6. Start the conversation.

What experience do they have? What are their processes? Are they personable and easy to talk to?

7. Evaluate strengths and weaknesses.

Which agency has the skills to be successful? Which team would you most like to collaborate with?

8. Ask for a reference.

What was another customer’s experience like working with the agency?

9. Sign a contract.

Are you comfortable with the terms of the agreement?

Working with Uplift’s writers and editors has been a game changer for us. They understand our goals, products and brand, so no hand holding is needed.

Emma Quarnstrom, Digital Marketing Manager, Lineup Systems
Emma Quarnstrom

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