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Brynn Mahnke

SaaS Writer, researcher, ghostwriter
Brynn Mahnke

Brynn is a writer specializing in SaaS, career, and personal finance topics. She’s worked with customers in a variety of contexts, from smaller start-ups to multi-national corporations. By focusing on writing compelling and easy-to-follow content, she helps companies connect with their audience and provide valuable insight to their current and future customers.

Before becoming a freelance writer, Brynn spent years working in the corporate world in fields such as tax, compliance, and legal. No matter where she worked, she always found herself doing similar tasks: researching and writing. This experience has led her to be a detail-driven professional who focuses on writing for companies looking for well-researched, engaging and informative content.

5 surprising facts about Brynn

  1. Brynn has a bit of a running addiction. She’s completed two ultra marathons, a dozen full marathons, and countless half marathons and duathlons.

  2. One of her joys in life is caring for her six chickens and watching them live their chicken lives. Their antics always keep her laughing!

  3. She loves taking her kayak out to explore local lakes and streams and hopes to get brave enough to go on a kayak camping adventure soon.

  4. She secretly enjoys helping her kids with their math homework.

  5. Brynn has hiked the tallest mountain in the world. Seriously! It’s not as impressive as it sounds, though. Mt. Everest is the highest point in the world, but Mauna Kea, an inactive volcano in Hawaii with its roots deep in the Pacific Ocean, is the tallest mountain from base to peak. Everest is definitely NOT on Brynn’s bucket list; Mauna Kea was hard enough!

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