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Cat Haggert

Editor and project manager

Cat has worked as an editor for 26 years. (Really?, No, it can’t be!)

Early in her career she edited a book of poetry and since then has stuck firmly to non-fiction projects. Subjects have ranged from human sexuality to nutrition to welding, but her favorite topic is economics. Or maybe ecology. Perhaps software. OK, her favorite is whatever she’s working on at the time (even managerial accounting, for pity’s sake).

She’s edited everything from blog posts to annual reports to multi-volume textbooks and loves the work involved in making sure every word does its job and pulls its weight.

In 2007, Cat edited her first internet-related project, a personal-finance book called Canadian Money Management Online. Today she’s incredibly excited to work with B2B SaaS companies who base their business model on cutting-edge applications of the internet.

5 surprising facts about Cat

  1. Cat is still recovering from a childhood with a brother who had ridiculously long eyelashes, a sister with blond hair and dimples, and a mother who believed enormous hair bows enhanced Cat’s appearance. Fortunately, she is the eldest child, which has made up for a lot.
  2. Cat is living proof that knitting can lead to a spectacular fibre addiction. Before she corralled most of her ten spinning wheels in her studio, Cat’s husband was heard to moan that only the kitchen was free of the dratted things. He occasionally mutters about the four studio looms and the dye station set up in the garage next to the flax processing equipment, but is easily ignored.
  3. Cat’s wardrobe includes many outfits hearkening to the 1810s, 1860s and 1910s, which she wears as a historical interpreter at a living history museum. On a frigid day in February, there’s nothing better than wool stockings, three petticoats, and a capote for keeping warm!
  4. For someone who has traveled to 13 countries, all of Canada’s provinces, and most of the United States, Cat is surprisingly reluctant to leave her home.
  5. Sadly, Cat is currently cat-less for the first time since university, although she expects that to change in the foreseeable future.

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