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Chloe Rose Stuart-Ulin

Investigative journalist and B2B SaaS writer

Chloe Rose is an investigative journalist and B2B SaaS writer based in Montréal, with a particular focus on technology, the environment and restorative justice. Her work has appeared in The Globe and Mail, CBC, Chatelaine, Maisonneuve, Quartz, Ha’aretz, The Tyee, Capital Daily, Canada’s National Observer, and others.

As a storyteller, Chloe Rose loves finding personal narratives to bring complicated topics to life. Even the driest of technical stories have characters at their heart, and can pop with just the right quotes and anecdotes. Chloe Rose’s years of reporting experience have taught her one golden rule: nothing beats a great source!

5 surprising facts about Chloe Rose

  1. Chloe Rose hiked 1,500 km along El Camino de Santiago in 2016, and then half the route again in 2019. She hopes to go back soon for a third.
  2. Living on a farm just outside Montréal, Chloe Rose spends most mornings drinking strong coffee, weeding & watering the garden, and hunting down nasty caterpillars’ tents.
  3. Chloe Rose’s scoundrel dog, Goose, always waits for Zoom calls to start before digging dirty big holes in the yard (right in front of the office window).
  4. Chloe Rose has a BA in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, where she lived for 5 years before moving back east.
  5. Chloe Rose is currently working on a second bachelor’s degree – in physics this time.

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