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Elizabeth Craig

Proofreader and editor

Elizabeth is a proofreader and editor who prides herself on her keen (okay, maybe bordering on pedantic) attention to detail in writing. She edits and proofs a wide variety of work, from blog posts to direct-mail campaigns to academic articles to novels.

Not a huge fan of the spotlight, Elizabeth loves to take a behind-the-scenes role as an editor and project manager. Her goal is to help make great writing even better, and to be the best support she can for her clients and the amazing writers she works with.

Based on the East Coast of Canada, Elizabeth spends her downtime reading, running, baking, and eating.

5 surprising facts about Elizabeth

  1. Elizabeth went to a performing arts high school. And yes, it WAS a lot like Fame.
  2. Elizabeth is a devoted mother to two kids and one sourdough starter. She’s also a decidedly mediocre mother to many plants, both living and (mostly) dead.
  3. At nine years old, Elizabeth swam across the seventh-deepest lake in Ontario. She usually tells people that fact without clarifying that it was at the (approximately ten-feet-wide) narrows.
  4. Her parents like to say Elizabeth showed an early aptitude for music. She wrote her first original song at age three, about the then love of her life, hamburgers.
  5. Elizabeth is married to a genuine sasquatch enthusiast – something she only learned a few weeks after their wedding.

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