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Emily Amos

SaaS content marketer, founder, editor-in-chief
SaaS content marketer, Emily Amos

As a SaaS content marketer, Emily Amos has over 10 years’ experience in strategy, web writing and project management. She knows just what questions to ask to pinpoint pain points from your customers, insights from your thought leaders and strategic messaging from your employees.

Emily leads teams in creating strong SaaS content marketing strategies and relevant, valuable SaaS content that cuts through the noise and lifts your company to a position of authority.

As an experienced SaaS content marketer, Emily knows how to guide you through every stage of your project. She manages all the details and ensures tasks are completed on time. She also edits all content before you receive it to ensure it aligns with your goals and meets your needs.


5 surprising facts about Emily

  1. In Emily’s early years, she lived in a little log cabin with no TV. Her dog, Rachael, was her best friend.

  2. Emily’s first taste of entrepreneurship was at age 12 when she and her sister made dangly bead earrings and sold them for $5 per pair in her parents’ shop.

  3. Even though she loved to read, English was Emily’s least favorite class in high school. Book reports and Shakespeare made it pretty un-fun.

  4. Coolest travel experience? Night dive on the Great Barrier Reef. Between the sparkling phosphorescence in the water and the twinkling Milky Way, it was hard to know where the water stopped and the air started.

  5. Obscure talents: Emily can flip her eyelids inside out, make amazing tissue paper flowers and get car sick in almost any moving vehicle.

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