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Josh Sherman

SaaS blog post writer, journalist, editor
Josh Sherman writer

Josh is an experienced writer and editor whose work has appeared in some of Canada’s most-read newspapers, magazines, and websites. Based out of Toronto, he’s been involved in nearly every aspect of the media industry, from laying out newspaper pages and taking photos in the field, to copyediting and beat reporting.

Whether it’s writing a macroeconomic brief or a music review, there are few topics or types of content that Josh hasn’t already tackled. Although his background is rooted in community and non-profit journalism, he’s built up a substantial marketing portfolio, too.

For several years, he was a staff writer for a real-estate startup’s blog, and he’s helped execute numerous sponsored-content campaigns for major corporations and small businesses alike. As a SaaS blog post writer, he draws on his vast experience to craft engaging, informative, and timely content.

5 surprising facts about Josh

  1. Josh once beat a chess master in a rated tournament match. It was the highest point of his chess “career” and his opponent’s lowest.
  2. During the pandemic, Josh returned to a childhood hobby: collecting Hot Wheels. He has hundreds of them, but you’d never know it—he hides them before anyone comes over.
  3. Gilmore Girls is the only show Josh has seen every single episode of. Twice.
  4. He owns about a thousand vinyl records. Most of them are disco.
  5. Josh was the frontman of a ska-punk band in high school. He’s glad that this was before social media and smartphones really took off.

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