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Martha Beach

Editor, proofreader and fact-checker

After completing an undergraduate journalism degree, Martha Beach was set loose on the world with a strong set of research skills, a passion for editing, proofing prowess, a pretty good sense of humour, and just a pinch of journalistic cynicism.

Martha likes the creativity of editing, and she enjoys editing content about tech, software and business. No matter the topic at hand, she enjoys talking to people and learning something new. Martha also fact-checks, writes, edits, and proofreads for various publications, including Reader’s Digest, Maclean’s and Canadian Business.

When she’s not working, you’ll find Martha exploring parks with her daughter, on her yoga mat or curled up reading with her cat.

5 surprising facts about Martha

  1. Martha began practicing and training in various yoga modalities in her mid-20s. She’s now a certified yoga teacher, and even did 300 hours of her physical training and philosophical studies in Rishikesh, India – a goal that was on her bucket list.

  2. Martha and her husband have driven from Toronto to Vancouver—twice! It’s a beautiful trip that opened her eyes to the vast geological, natural and cultural differences that exist across Canada in the forms of landscape, animals and people.

  3. In grade 3, Martha couldn’t read. With the extra help of a very dedicated teacher and equally dedicated mom (and a bit of financial encouragement to the tune of 5 cents per book), she learned to read within a few months and has been devouring books ever since. (And that getting-paid-to-read thing really worked out as a career!)

  4. From kindergarten to grade 12, Martha did her schooling in French immersion. She even took part in a French language exchange in Switzerland at the age of 14, living for a month with a family in Geneva. She still uses French occasionally for work and travel.

  5. Martha once won a 14-pound zucchini by successfully guessing its weight at a local market. Her exercise de jour was weight lifting, and she knew she could do a one-handed lift with 15 pounds over her head—so she did just that in the middle of the market. She then spent the next week making copious amounts of zucchini salsa.

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