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Rebecca Webb

Digital marketing writer
Uplift writer Rebecca Webb

With a background in business and digital marketing, Rebecca has always been drawn to writing marketing content. She recently took the leap to self-employment and now spends all her days creating engaging content.

She writes blog posts, website content and other marketing collateral for a variety of clients. Her favorite things about writing are being able to capture a new client’s unique voice and seeing results (and sales!) from the content she creates. 

5 surprising facts about Rebecca

  1. Rebecca lives in St. John’s, Newfoundland—the most easterly city in North America AND one of the windiest cities in the world.

  2. She’s always loved baking. Lemon pie and cheesecake are two of her specialties.

  3. Even though she lives on the coast, Rebecca hates all seafood.

  4. She owns an incredibly fluffy cat named Tia.

  5. Rebecca can accurately tell you the name of any SpongeBob episode from a single quote or image. (She’s not sure if she should be proud or ashamed of this.)

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