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Sal Sawler

B2B SaaS editor, tech writer, journalist
Sal Sawler, Uplift writer and editor

As a B2B SaaS editor and writer, Sal’s broad range of experience includes web content, feature articles and books.

But all of their projects have one thing in common—they’re written and edited with specific audiences in mind, and supported by extensive research.

And with years of interviewing experience behind them, Sal’s able to tease a story (with all the best details) out of just about anyone.

5 surprising facts about Sal

  1. As a kid, Sal logged about a million hours on her NES. Most of that time was spent creating Excitebike tracks and playing Duck Hunt.
  2. Sal once wrote a biography for a fictional rooster. The client asked for it, and TBH, it was pretty funny.
  3. Sal once got really carried away with their needle-felting hobby and turned it into a side-gig for a couple of years. Mostly, they made baby mobiles and felted fruit. 

  4. Here’s one for the Whovians. Sal once interviewed Peter Davison (the 5th doctor from Doctor Who). He told them that the celery he wore in his lapel was done on a whim, and that the reason it never got explained in the show was because there was no explanation.

  5. Sal never visits a new city without tracking down at least one independent bookstore. It’s one of their favorite ways to get to know a place (plus they often have good coffee).

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