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Shannon St. Hilaire

Wordsmith, writer and editor

Shannon St. Hilaire has worked with words throughout her career. She spent over five years at Airbnb, where she was an editor on the Knowledge Management team. Since then, she has worked with communications firms, film production studios, and other small businesses to create compelling marketing content.

From her work at Airbnb, she learned that effective content must be as clear and simple as it is appealing, and there is poetry to even the most technical of sentences. From writing marketing emails, she learned how to take creative approaches to engage busy readers. From writing creatively, she learned that feedback and collaboration are essential in making a piece of content the best it can be.

Whether she’s writing creatively, technically, or somewhere in between, she views all of her previous experiences as cross-training, as the football player takes ballet, adding grace to strength.

5 surprising facts about Shannon

  1. Shannon spent 4 months living with a nun in El Salvador.
  2. Growing up, she was a competitive Irish dancer for 8 years.
  3. Her summer college job was working as a cook on a tourist train in Alaska and she will wax nostalgic about it anytime.
  4. She is currently at work on a historical novel set in late 1930s Germany.
  5. She’s been to 17 countries on 5 continents and isn’t slowing down on her travels any time soon.

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