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Shari Talbot

B2B technology writer
Shari Talbot

Shari Talbot is a B2B technology writer, focusing on blog content and case studies. She has always been curious about new tech and loves to figure out how things work.

Even as an introvert, she looks forward to case study interviews where she gets to celebrate wins with clients and their customers. She loves sharing their successes by telling their stories through the written word.

A teacher at heart, she wants to make sure readers can learn something from each piece she writes. She works hard to provide clean, jargon-free copy that audiences can understand and relate to.

5 surprising facts about Shari

  1. Shari loves traveling with her family. On her favorite trip, they spent five months in an RV where housecleaning was a breeze.
  2. Her favorite place to visit was Alaska and the Yukon, learning about the rich history of the gold rush and the culture of the indigenous people.
  3. Shari is married to a realtor and has to be careful when talking about moving or her realtor husband might think she’s serious. He has sold their home with only two weeks’ notice—not once, but twice!
  4. Shari always wanted to write but spent many years as a teacher and school board consultant before starting her writing career.
  5. She has homeschooled her children for 13 years—and counting!

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