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Stephanie Lummis

Content optimization specialist, usability expert

Stephanie has worked in digital for more than 20 years. She understands how people behave online—their expectations, motivations and actions. Her approach is to gain a thorough understanding of the audience before crafting online experiences that first attract, then engage, entertain or educate, and ultimately guide people toward conversion.

Content is at the heart of all online experiences. It is not enough for the message to be well-written, targeted and on-brand—form is as equally important as function.

With online now the first place people go for information, today’s content must often be indexed, found, clicked, found again and scanned before someone makes the decision to read. The user-centric, digital-first focus Stephanie brings to every project ensures a progressive and comprehensive approach to content strategy and writing.

5 surprising facts about Stephanie

  1. Stephanie is a direct descendant of King Charles II and a cousin of Princes William and Harry. She has trouble convincing people to treat her like the royal she is.
  2. Before she became a mom (i.e., had more time), Stephanie’s hobby was re-upholstering furniture.
  3. In 1995, Stephanie gave demonstrations of this cool new thing, the World Wide Web, to shoppers at a mall in Vancouver.
  4. Stephanie is a voracious reader and sometimes, when no one else is around, she reads out loud.
  5. Stephanie used to work as a chambermaid at a resort hotel. She can strip and remake a king size bed in under 5 minutes.
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