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Stephanie Porter

SaaS content writer, editor, journalist, researcher
SaaS writer - Stephanie Porter

Stephanie has been a professional writer and editor for more than 20 years, with particular experience in marketing, book publishing, news media and as a SaaS writer. At the heart of all her work is a love for storytelling—and that applies to everything she tackles, from case studies about the latest tech developments to instructive ebooks to investigative magazine writing.

No matter the context or topic, Stephanie enjoys hunting for the right words and the best way to craft a compelling narrative that engages the reader from start to finish. As a SaaS writer, her goal is clear writing with natural flow. Years of experience working for a wide variety of clients has given Stephanie the tools to distill technical or complex topics down to key messages accessible to a broad audience.

5 surprising facts about Stephanie

  1. Stephanie’s most memorable assignments as a journalist (in no particular order): a week in the Torngat Mountains, northern Labrador; the opening of the College of the North Atlantic’s campus in Qatar; and a coffee chat with Alice Cooper.

  2. She has a BSc (biology), class of 2020.

  3. In 2003, Stephanie was part of a small team that started The Independent weekly newspaper in St. John’s, Newfoundland. She was managing editor until its 2008 untimely demise.

  4. Stephanie has completed three 50-km trail ultramarathons, two of them accompanied by Luke, her dog and best bud.

  5. She has ghost-written two (going on three) books … but the “authors” shall remain nameless.

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