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Scott Davis

Creative director, storyteller, marketer

Scott turns business vision into business story. With over 20 years’ experience in marketing, corporate relations and artistic direction, Scott leads the creation of stories, messages and content that engage audiences and lead them to action.

Armed with a strong sense of brand positioning and extensive sales experience, Scott knows how to make your content add value, motivate and drive action.

 5 surprising facts about Scott

  1. Scott writes stories for video games, board games and comics. His dream is to write for Batman. If anyone from DC is reading this, please email him.
  2. His family is in awe of Scott’s mastery of the dad joke. Here’s his masterpiece:“What do you call a fly with its wings pulled off?”“A walk.”
  3. Geek cred: Scott has an original 1978 Star Wars sheet set, but it’s in his mother’s linen closet. She refuses to give it back to him.
  4. When he was a teenager, Scott jumped his father’s Chevy Impala during a drag race and broke a spring. He said he hit a pothole. Sorry Dad.
  5. Scott is an obsessive gardener and will happily bore anyone who will listen with infinite details about gardening. He’s also “that guy” with the perfect lawn.
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